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Originally Posted by arkitekte View Post
I was just pointing out there's multiple restaurants; all of which will more than likely be managed by the same company.

But to answer your question, it matters quite a bit if it's used for retail or restaurants unless you expect people to shop two to three times a day while they meet and sleep under your roof.
Maybe I am interpreting this wrong:

The hotel would include 12 levels of hotel rooms, eight levels of above-ground parking, and about 10,000 sq. ft. of street and river-level restaurant and retail space.
When I first read that, I interpreted it as River and street frontage, but the quote does say 'level', which could mean anywhere on the ground or river-level floors.

How ever looking at the diagrams they show that a lot of the first two-levels are Back of the House, meeting space and Lobby.

If the 10,000 sqft is frontage then it doesn't matter how many restaurants the hotel has. That was the point.

It could be interpreted either way though, and without seeing detailed lease-able space in any plans (of course this wouldn't come until later in the process) there is no way of knowing for sure.

Regardless, as to how the street or river-level space is allocated, the rest of the properties on Houston should benefit from a development such as this.
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