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Originally Posted by STLtoSA View Post
Why would you say that there is no room for retail at street level? The above quote, by the way, was pulled from you link.

Just because the plan is to gut the Book building that doesn't mean that street retail could/would not be built into the new structure.

10,000 sq ft is a good amount of space... Too big for a single restaurant.
I guess the way I worded it didn't make my point clear. I meant that the renderings make it appear that they will remove the existing retail space in the smaller buildings on the right next to Solo Serve, and turn that space into entrance and exit ramps for the garage. So while there will be restaurant space on the river level (which is nice) and maybe in the beautiful old building on the corner, there will also be a loss of existing retail space (although the retail space that gets taken away is currently vacant anyway).

Don't get me wrong... I think this building is a plus overall and makes a pretty good use of space.
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