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Originally Posted by DizzyEdge View Post
Alright, I was very curious about this. My assumption was that everything earlier was demolished in the 1950s, but it appears the original laundry building might have survived.
I think you're correct. A very small percentage of the structure that was demolished was older than 45 years (and about half was younger than 45 years old). I think that percentage by sf would be much smaller for the General than the proportion of the original Holy Cross building at the time that hospital was closed in 1997.

Anyway, my point about the structures at the point they were demolished was that man they would have made an awesome re-purposed neighborhood. Leaving aside the healthcare cuts that shut it down in 1997, I don't think these buildings would have been leveled now as they were in 1998. There was a massive amount of space for adding commercial, particularly on the north side where the large parking lot was. The hospital structures were actually several buildings, and so it would not have been a monotonous condo structure, but a real variety of spaces. Those end buildings with curved walls, for example, would have been amazing for higher end units. The interstitial spaces being significant in hospitals would have allowed rather high ceiling spaces. Heck, they even had an existing helipad that could have been kept for the high rollers (not sure if that would make sense or not, but just pointing it out).
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