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Originally Posted by RST500 View Post
It depends on the city. The Indian communities in Chincago and NYC metro were already well established while most of the recent growth is due to H1b Tech Visas and in the Bay Area there really wasn't a major community until the 90s.
California, and more specifically, the Bay Area, may have had a lot of recent growth (and perhaps a higher share from recent growth), but it's a bit reaching to claim the Chicago or NYC metro was more well-established than the West coasters in this regard.

There were already thousands of Sikhs living in California over 100 years ago.

The first Indian American and Asian American in general to be elected to congress came from California's early Indian/South Asian community.

Dalip Singh Saund (September 20, 1899 – April 22, 1973) was an American politician who was a member of the United States House of Representatives. He served the 29th District of California from January 3, 1957 to January 3, 1963. He was the first Sikh American, the first Asian American, the first Indian American and the first member of a non-Abrahamic faith to be elected to Congress.

San Francisco in the 1910s to late 1940s even was the headquarters of an Indian revolutionary movement (albeit one that failed in its goals) that included Punjabi migrant workers and intellectuals and students in the US and abroad trying to fight for India's independence against what was then British colonial rule.

NorCal and SoCal alike have had South Asians long before any IT boom.

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