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Originally Posted by ThePhun1 View Post
Compton, to my experience, was never as bad as its reputation suggested anyways, at least not all of it. Me and my family knew plenty of suburban/middle class people from there in the 80's and into the 90's. Seems to me Dr. Dre was just trying to sell records.

I was thrilled to have been associated with a place like Carson, granted the school system sucked as compared to what I got in suburban Houston.
Compton recorded something like 100 murders annually in the 1990s, this is in a city of just 90,000.

E] This is from Yahoo! Interestingly, it did use 1985, the formative years of Dr. Dre and NWA and compared it with 2010 Detroit:

Crime rates (2010)
Crime type Rate* per 100,000 people
Homicide: 34.4
Forcible rape: 45.0
Robbery: 615.7
Aggravated assault: 1,192.1

Crime rates (1985)
Crime type Rate* per 100,00 people
Homicide: 62.9
Forcible rape: 154.4
Robbery 1,276.2
Aggravated assault 1,299.4
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