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Originally Posted by iheartthed View Post
Counterintuitively, the metro area that suffered the worst loss of millennial aged residents was also in the west: Tucson, Az.
This should be no surprise to anyone (and it's not "counterintuitive"). Tucson is a large college town, cram packed with students at the University of Arizona. On the other hand, it has a limited supply of jobs for those the U of A educates (most jobs in the metro are either low skill/low wage or blue collar except for the University staff and a few outliers like Raytheon). In San Francisco it often seems like half the people I meet are from Arizona, frequently Tucson. There is generally a huge "brain drain" of UofA grads to California coastal cities (my house cleaner in Tucson has two college educated kids--she's very middle class--who both moved to CA).

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