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Originally Posted by Da Jama Lama View Post
Just going to place these links right here........

I am not going to comment on the design in general, I leave that for this forum. I'll try and be constructive instead.

Trust me I am not pulling the 'parking is god' argument, i get the downtown can accommodate parking in a multitude of other venues; garages, on streets, etc. BUT lets be blunt, 1400 seats and 160 hotels rooms and you offer 68 parking spaces. WOW. Are they coordinating with Mile One and the conference centre for events. Its a little brazen that they are pushing over 100% of their parking back onto shared infrastructure. If this gets through council it will be shocking.
Good post with a bunch of the city documentation for the proposal.

One thing of note is that the main hotel tower is listed in the LUAR as 36m tall as compared to the original number of 31m. I can't change thread titles so it'll have to stay as is.

Since the proposal is calling for a zoning change, this will have to go to public hearing. I have no idea what the feedback will be though I can sort of take a guess. The concerns about parking that Jama Lama raised will certainly be brought up by more than one person.
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