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For such a map containing street names, you could try logging into the city's Crime Stat interactive map (iMap). Once in, near the top you will find a button to Filter By > Area. Click the "Area" button, then you will see options to refine your filter by either Neighbourhood, Electoral Ward or Police District. Click "Neighbourhood." In the listing that will then open, you will see that the neighbourhoods are quite specific, for instance Luxton is in the list.

Once you click a neighbourhood to highlight it, then click OK to apply the neighbourhood filter. It will then take you back to the street map and it will zoom you into the specific neighbourhood you selected where you can see the boundary's boarder drawn onto the street map. The map isn't the greatest image quality, but it does have street names on it which you can read better if you zoom in a bit. You can also freely move around on the city-wide map without filters, and at enough of a zoom you can see neighbourhoods listed with a thin red border for a boundary line. Also on your map, if you wish to turn off or select only certain crime icons, you can do that through Filter By > Crime Types.

Hope this helps.

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