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Originally Posted by Lecom View Post
This is the epitome of Stalinist architecture. And yes, it's a mix of Neo-Classicism and Art Deco.
It would be a fantastic historic monument that would be timeless had it ever been built. Too bad it wasn't.

Originally Posted by JMancuso View Post
how would have this been structurally feasible? there would be virtually nothing supporting the structure above the dome. if it were built, would have lenin's statute have remained in present day/ post communist russia or would it have been replaced by a shirtless putin on a horse?

Considering how many buildings still have the communist sickle and hammer logo I think it would still be Lenin on top, but that would be the fun history part. Seeing Lenin's statue as something he wouldn't of approved of is the fun part.

The Soviets actually built a lot of magnificent structures and industrialized Russia quite quickly, so I'm sure the building would have been architecturally sound for centuries to come.

Kind of like the anti-North Korea of communist quality.
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