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Originally Posted by tovangar2 View Post

The two buildings surrounding the rooftop lot are these two woefully abused ones on Los Angeles Street. One can see them in the above aerial too. The one (on the left below) goes all the way through to Werdin (the other one not so much):

The building on the left (443 South Los Angeles Street) was the Los Angeles Mission from 1949 until January 1992. There's a short history here. LAPL has this 1959 picture.
(NB. I've enlarged the original image)


It looks like the windows were still full-size in the image above, but they have their current appearance in the undated picture below.
(NB. I've also enlarged this image)

Originally Posted by tovangar2 View Post

Isn't "COFFEE ROASTED" more likely? I had a quick look through a few of the CDs, but didn't find any coffee roasting businesses at that address, although it could easily have been advertising a business at another location.


Thanks for the Google Maps links, ProphetM. I have the classic version back for now .
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