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I definitely also get the sense that there is no groundswell of interest in this election, above and beyond the usual pretty high level of general voter apathy in Chicago. And, I also agree that this does benefit Rahm.

Further, if I were Rahm, I'd be quite heartened by this latest poll. That's also a large group of undecided, and I'd be surprised if less than 40% of the actual undecided out there (and that's conservative, I could probably use 50% there) in the last few weeks don't break his way too in the end.

Finally, have you guys seen the incredible campaign hauls he's pulled in during recent weeks? It's positively ridiculous how much more in the way of resources he has than the rest of the field combined. Impressive, but also yet another in the long, sickening line of evidenciary indictments against American campaign finance.

And, finally (this time it's the real thing), I'm really hoping to catch at least a couple of the televised debates in the next 2 weeks, and, perhaps somewhat sadly, I'm afraid to say some of my motivation is to watch Willie Wilson for potential explosive comedic content. This guy is apt to say virtually anything. Obviously the political rumor mill regarding him has probably been going overtime for quite a while, but I'm curious: do any Chicago political watchers here think there's actually a decent chance he's some sort of 'plant' in the race?? I've tried to work out the likely logic of such, but when you really think about it, it's not that obvious and at least to me seems farily muddled, I would say, at best....
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