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Originally Posted by sentinel View Post
RIP Judy Baar Topinka - I met her a couple of times in the past few years and she was always so kind and engaging and pretty hilarious too. I really liked her
yeah, that was some sad news this morning.

Originally Posted by the urban politician View Post
Rahm needs to remember that a lot of the money behind his reelection is coming from these kinds of people, not a good idea to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.
Rahm already has amassed a giant warchest that outsizes any of his rivals' by an order of magnitude. he's probably betting that he doesn't need a whole lot more in the money department. what he does actually need is some good old fashioned progressive red meat rhetoric to throw to the minority voting blocs in the city.

besides, i agree with sentinel that this issue is either forgotten about or severely watered-down after the election is over. rahm has probably said as much behind closed doors to his friends in the development community.
He has to go.
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