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Well, of course; poor minorites make up a big, juicy voter base. Wouldn't you choose to buy them off if you were playing with other people's money? It's policies like this that make me want to move into a Republicans-only city somewhere in Texas. Furthermore, and in respect to skyscraper fans, affordable housing requirements essentially take 10% off the potential height of every residential PD in town, if not cancel them altogether. Real Estate is meant to be a free market system. Let it be. Fucking morons.
^ What I find, sad, of course, is that the Rahms of the world feed into this perception that you have to create affordable set asides (again, the vast majority of which will probably go to African Americans, likely Section 8 tenants) to pick up the black vote.

Because after all, all black people are CHA, Section 8 recipients

This only widens the void between the two "sides" of the city and creates greater perception issues, not to mention that it doesn't even really solve the affordable housing problem, as LVDW described above.

With the higher minimum wage and this new affordable housing push, one can clearly see that Rahm is scrambling to repair his damaged reputation with the city's black community. But it still comes off as kind of...condescending
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