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The 1965 plan for the Civic Square. This plan featured a planetarium, a sculpture court, and an auditorium, surrounded by gardens and roads that cross King Street West. The plan shows lots of public space between the buildings

An artist’s sketch of the Murray Jones Downtown Urban Renewal Plan, 1965. In this sketch the gardens and long pools look inviting. The civic buildings are surrounded by open space. The downtown looks green and clean.

Map showing position of the two super-blocks on either side of King Street West within the Urban Renewal Area. These super-blocks would turn King Street West into a thoroughfare for cars ensuring that traffic would move efficiently, unhindered by the intersections for the small streets. Park, Charles, and Market Streets would disappear under the super blocks, as would parts of MacNab and York Streets

Revised Civic Square Plan, May 1969. The new plan had no room for gardens or long pools. The commercial space now dominates the scheme and a sky walk now crosses King Street West. The buildings are much more crowded together than in the original plan and King Street West is like a canyon running between the two blocks.

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