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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
Yesterday, I came across these three photos for sale on ebay.
The first one is especially great.



I agree, that first one IS especially great. Not sure where the second one is (Cafe Colon? Really?) and the third is your standard-issue Castle.

So here's a couple of buildings one never sees well enough --

L, The Crown Hotel, 702 W. Third. R, the Havlin Hotel at 706. Above Launderette it says "Whiter Whites." Under Cafe Bob's there's a neon sign that says "TELEVISION". The household goods storage building at 710 apparently began as a laundry. The big beast in the background, jutting horizontally, is the Sawyer, discussed midway here .

See the side of the Havlin here and then there's the Reagh shot east town 3rd across Flower, you can see the top part of the Crown and side of the Havlin --

(That's a Reagh pic; those three buildings in the foreground are in another contemporary Hylen pic shot from atop the tunnel) --

You really get a feeling of how the hill crested and flattened and became a sort of no-man's land, especially on this side and in this area.
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