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giallo Jan 2, 2008 3:50 AM

SHANGHAI | Huamin King Tower | 846 FT / 258 M | 63 FLOORS
It will be all office with what looks to be a shopping mall at the base. I'll update this thread with more information as it comes.
photo: Whisky

The Chemist Jan 2, 2008 7:16 AM

The area looks sort of familiar, but I can't place it. Is that right near the Xinzha Road metro station just north of People's Square?

The tower looks interesting. I think I like it, and it's pretty tall. :) They certainly like the flared top look here in Shanghai - there are several buildings here that I can think of with flared tops.

giallo Jan 2, 2008 7:26 AM

Jan 2

It look like the top has even more flare now

Dude was like ''don't take a picture of me'' and i was like ''don't give yourself too much credit''

I made a mistake, Chemist. I believe this one is on Beijing Lu two blocks behind Plaza 66.

Fabb Jan 2, 2008 6:07 PM

Mellon Bank used the idea first :

giallo Jan 4, 2008 2:53 PM

I can see the similarities.

The new crown looks pretty nice. I like the extra long point on the right hand side.

Fabb Jan 4, 2008 7:34 PM


Originally Posted by giallo (Post 3259642)

The new crown looks pretty nice. I like the extra long point on the right hand side.

A touch of fantasy ?
If that thing is purely decorative, it may be abandonned some time during the construction.

plinko Jan 4, 2008 9:23 PM


Originally Posted by giallo (Post 3259642)
I can see the similarities.

The new crown looks pretty nice. I like the extra long point on the right hand side.

I don't think that's what it is at all. Looks to me like the other side of the building is getting a very tall spire? *maybe I'm just smoking crack too...but that's what I'm seeing*

staff Jan 5, 2008 1:08 AM

Looks weird. It wouldn't make any sense to put a small spire on only the right hand side of the crown I think.
Perhaps it's a spire, either in the middle of the crown or a taller on on the far side, like plinko wrote?

giallo Jan 5, 2008 3:11 AM

Yeah, plinko is right. I have a problem with two dimensions...hehe. The building is far to symmetrical to have some wild spire doing it's own thing on the right. I guess i was hoping for something a little on the crazy side.

pablosan Jan 6, 2008 4:48 PM

This will be a great looking tower when it is completed.

staff Apr 26, 2008 11:45 AM


giallo Apr 27, 2008 2:16 AM

Walked past it yesterday, but the nazi guard wouldn't let me snap a shot. He was a pretty big dick, actually.
The core looks to be on the third floor.

NYC2ATX Apr 28, 2008 3:20 AM


Originally Posted by giallo (Post 3255182)

SICK RENDERING!!!! Looks like SimCity. :banana:

Urban Zombie Jul 15, 2008 4:28 AM

July 14th. This mutha is rising fast!

(Click on images to see larger resolution)

Fabb Jul 15, 2008 12:45 PM

Plaza 66 is not very far.
I wonder which one will have the dominant presence in the area.

staff Jul 15, 2008 6:09 PM

Plaza 66 consists of two large towers and will still dominate the Jing'An Temple/Nanjing Xi Lu area I think. Huamin King is a great addition though.

By the way, has anyone seen the "new" (?) illumination of Park Place's crown? It's amazing!

Shanghai_Fan Jul 16, 2008 12:21 AM

^^ Wheelock will be the king of Jing'an I think.

staff Jul 16, 2008 2:17 PM

It will be interesting to see how it turns out, but it is located kind of on the edge of the district, close to the highway ("too close" to be able to be appreciated from there) and is pretty slim, as compared to Plaza 66 which consists of two pretty large towers.

It's a amazing area in any case. What about Kerry Center?

Urban Zombie Jul 17, 2008 2:37 AM

Judging by the surrounding buidings, I should have an excellent view of this from my window once it reaches a certain height...although, who knows how long that will be.

staff Jul 22, 2008 6:25 PM

July 22,

"New" rendering;

Fabb Jul 22, 2008 6:48 PM

The structure at the top seems to be crystalline.
That may make it well-known.

Urban Zombie Aug 7, 2008 10:33 AM

Here's a quickie from today, August 7th:

giallo Dec 6, 2008 5:11 AM

They've started to clad the bottom of the tower. I wish I had something positive to say, but I don't. It's a brown/beige colour. It looks pretty bad to be honest.
I'll try and take some pictures of it soon.

staff Dec 6, 2008 11:58 AM

I'm not gonna judge it until they've clad a larger part of the building. It might come out OK!

By Jerryang Nov 30th

Urban Zombie Dec 6, 2008 1:08 PM

Looks like Willy Wonka is building this. I'll wait till the end to bestow final judgment--if you look closely at the rendering however, this is pretty much the same color that they show us...

giallo Dec 7, 2008 2:30 AM

I had the impression that it was going to be more of a metallic gray colour applied to the cladding with a yellowish tint on the windows.
I just hate brown/beige. Vancouver made me hate that colour.

NYC2ATX Dec 7, 2008 9:20 AM

This may sound odd, but this tower in particular strikes me as having one of the most Western-looking designs I've seen; it looks like something that could be built in an American city. This is as opposed to Eastern-looking, which is the look of most of the buildings built in Shanghai today, as well as elsewhere in China.

staff Jan 13, 2009 2:18 AM

Jerryang, Jan 3rd;

staff Jul 15, 2009 4:48 PM

Taken a couple of days ago:

giallo Jul 15, 2009 11:11 PM

Great shot, bro. That was a wild night weather-wise.

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