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The North One Oct 10, 2019 11:43 PM


Originally Posted by montréaliste (Post 8709039)
Yes. There is a lot of the tragicomic in this assessment; your last sentence about Brush Park reads like a snake oil sales pitch...

There is no snake oil and forgive me but you obviously dont know what's going on in any sense. Brush Park is rapidly developing and with many properties easily breaking through into some of the most valuable per square foot spaces in Michigan next to few other places, this literally hasn't happened in 50 or so years. This is the free market and there is zero chance Brush Park and other improved neighborhoods in the city magically and suddenly become undesirable. The only blight in Brush Park are the few Ilitch owned properties that they're sitting on. Literally everything else is under an extensive renovation or has been renovated and most lots have planned developments. You can keep not buying the snake oil while others make serious money and live in great neighborhoods.

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