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JHoward88 Jun 5, 2010 4:43 AM

Update 1.93
200 Gult Avenue (Atlas Tower) is the new headquarters of the Free Market Capital & Trade Party, an organization which rivals the Imperial Commercial Corporation. With a total height of 2,441 feet, the building has 130 stories and stands as the new tallest structure in the city. (To provide an idea of proportion, Atlas Tower is approximately 276' shorter than the real world Burj Dubai/Khalifa.)

Gult Avenue is the main East-West arterial which intersects with State Street. 200 Gult Ave is the first building to be assigned an official street address. If it isn't obvious, just as the Federal Complex is a tip of the hat to fascism, and the ICC tower was a tip of the hat to Communism, the Atlas Project is inspired by Anarcho-Capitalism, Ayn Rand-esque ideologies, and Corporatism.

Innsertnamehere Jun 5, 2010 3:17 PM

Holy Sh*t!!!! Thats Massive!!!

Patrick Jun 5, 2010 9:46 PM

I'm a big fan of this city as I am of Communist Architecture and Communist Art. This City is a nice breeze of fresh air here on this forum, there's just no other city like it! My only complaint would be the coloring of the city, your first shots show a completely red and white city, It gave the city a very surreal future Communist look, but now I've noticed you've been adding color to some of your new structures, including the Atlas Tower. But since you've said the other buildings are fascist and communist and the Atlas Tower is capitalist, will all buildings that are communist styled be white while the capitalist styled buildings be colored?

JHoward88 Jun 5, 2010 11:58 PM

:previous: Thanks, Patrick. I put some thought into what you were saying about color themes, and decided to neutralize all colors in the model other than the black/red/gold which I have been using sparingly for special components like writing and logos.

Sticking to a primarily white/plain theme adds to a sense of uniformity throughout the project while also giving me the added flexibility of being able to flip to a negative image and easily create fairly realistic pseudo-night renderings. It also helps ensure that I won't let myself allow colors or textures to start detracting from actual model detail.

I really like the premise of having completely separate color themes for different sectors, but for now to keep things simple, let us assume that Red represents the Communist Party; Gold represents the Capitalist Party; and Black represents the Common Party, or Nationalists. Various organizations throughout the Empire may employ a variety of combinations of these three colors depending on their political affiliation or relevance. Those three colors may be used together, or seperately. When all three are used together, they imply an element of commonality shared between the three parties.

Here is both a light and dark new rendering of Atlas Tower showing the change. At its base, the Daventry district can be seen, which includes a mix of Retail and Office space, Musical Venues, an Art Gallery, and a small convention center:

The Daventry district in more detail:

Vellu Jun 6, 2010 7:52 AM

The cars you added really helped to get the feel of the scale. Now I really see the buildings are incredibly massive, yet the scale feels even more realistic than before and fits the backround story perfectly.

JHoward88 Jun 6, 2010 12:59 PM

Update 2.0
Just in time for update 2.0... The Tri-Party Congressional and Diplomatic Assembly Complex is now visible, significantly filling out the skyline as it appears when viewed from the southwest.

The Tri-Party Congress & Diplomatic Assembly will be the Empire's administration of international affairs (also known as the NCCP), having duties ranging from diplomacy and foreign policy to intelligence abroad. It is intended to be the global face of the Empire, as well as host to an international peacekeeping panel similar to the real-world United Nations.

During a later phase, the Southwest edge of the city will be developed as a coastal region, offering opportunity for the city to eventually host seafaring vessels. Presence of water is taken into consideration for added effect in the latest rendering:

Phase IV In Final Stage, Phase V To be Launched Soon

Moving forward from here my plan is to make sure that everything that has been added to the project up to this point is complete, and put together a new consolidated summary and history of the Empire with more specific details concerning the specs and peculiar significance of each building constructed thusfar.

Some of the large projects slated for the beginning of the next phase include a large shopping mall complex and international business district (a sector open to foreign corporations) and the North State Street Health Ministry Complex, as well as a massive headquarters and operations base for the Department of Public Works and Corrections (PWC).

Advancing the Fiction - Labor Issues in the Empire

I am creating a picture of a project which would be of unprecedented scale if it were to be created in the context of reality. From ancient Egypt to modern Dubai, massive projects designed to bring glory to an Empire usually come at an uncomfortable and often unmentioned human expense. In the context of the fiction of my Empire, such is no less the case.

The Department of Public Works and Corrections is jointly responsible for punishing law or code violations and for supplying the manpower necessary to build and maintain the Empire's many projects. The citizen is given a civil obedience rating similar to a credit score, which is issued to him or her in the form of what is known as a CCN Number. The more law-abiding the citizen happens to be, the higher his or her score is likely to be. The Empire punishes even the smallest offenses - such as littering - by automatically lowering the CCN rating of offenders.

Citizens with the lowest common denominating CCN rating are generally unable to find any form of federal or contract employment whatsoever, and are thus forced to live in a PWC Labor Facility and accept a delegated job assignment. In this way, the Empire rewards order by giving the greatest degree of freedom and opportunity to the most compliant folks, while recruiting everyone else for forced labor; and that is how the ongoing glory of the Empire, and its lavish construction projects, are driven forward.

The Free Market Capital & Trade Party opposes the practices of the PWC, but is limited in its ability to change them due to the fact that it controls only one third of votes cast in the Tri-Party Congress, and majorities of both the Communist and Nationalist congressional delegates support austere policies.

Brokenhead Jun 6, 2010 4:47 PM

awesome work, keep it up, looking forward to your updates

Dac150 Jun 6, 2010 4:50 PM

Definitely an interesting project. Like a clash between early 20th Century Communism and Futurism.

JHoward88 Jun 7, 2010 3:35 PM

The north face of the Tri-Party Congress Building:

toyota74 Jun 7, 2010 7:42 PM


verticalextropy Jun 9, 2010 7:17 AM

Amazing. And you even included some competish to the Imperial Corporation with that Galt Tower. I can't help but wonder how both can coexist in the same city, but I guess you explained that when you mixed free market and corporatism in the same line.

Love the scenario though, frighteningly reminiscent of everywhere I dread. And your alphabet looks strikingly similar to German "Runes" revived during the 30s.

Keep up the good work, can't wait to see a fenced camp with a chimney on the outskirts.

JHoward88 Jun 9, 2010 1:58 PM

^ Thanks for your feedback, verticalextropy! :) The question of how Totalitarianism and Communism can exist in the same context as Individualism and Capitalism is intended to add a tone of surrealism to the project. It is also intended to provoke thought of some sort.


In any case, work continues on the Tri-Party Congress Complex. The Diplomatic Assembly Tower stands 1,200 feet and 87 Stories tall, while newly designed 20-Story-Tall banners decorate the south and west sides of the building, along with the official date upon which the Empire was founded, which was January 13, 1908. The official calendar of the Empire is always set exactly 100 years earlier than the modern equivalent. For example, 1908 and 1910, in the Empire, are metaphorical of 2008 and 2010 in real life, respectively. January 13, 2008 is the day when I began working on some of the early concepts leading to the broader project, which is why that "founding" date was chosen.

On the North side of the complex, the date "1910" is inscribed, which marks the year in which the building was constructed. On either side of it, the International/Universal flag colors are represented by six stripes of descending Red, White, Red, Gold, Red, and Black. The line of coded letters spells "Tri Party Congress".

It is worth noting that the west tunnel entrance of the Tri-Party Congress complex is the first major landmark which visitors, generally entering the city by train, witness as they approach the central terminals.

To avoid lag, I am designing this building in a separate file for later import into the main city, which is why no other buildings appear around it in the above shots.

verticalextropy Jun 11, 2010 9:36 AM

The sheer mass of the Twin Towers next to the Reich Chancellery gives a very powerful imagery. It actually sent chills down my spine.

I can't believe the consistency (architecture/story) of your work.

Might want to see how the peebs live though. You could make just three different housing projects and then copy them in an efficient, orderly yet not necessarily aesthetic manner. Maybe a "Home of the Street Sweepers" ?

JHoward88 Jun 12, 2010 12:38 PM

Update 2.51
^ I will be addressing the shortage of residential buildings in the next phase with several new large scale housing projects in the northwest part of the map. I will also make a color-coded top-down map that has the names and uses of current buildings and a zone chart of future plans in undeveloped areas soon. Finally, the Congressional Complex is complete and integrated with the rest of the model.


The Peace Assembly Center is the first, and thusfar only exhibition of State tolerance for foreign or International organizations. In spite of certain austere practices, systems, and departments which exist by government authority, the Empire unveils new offices which it has provided for the United Nations and Amnesty International.

A part of the recently unveiled Congressional and Diplomatic Complex, the Peace Assembly Center is a symbol of international goodwill and reflects the Empire's desire to demonstrate to the world its interest in complying with universal standards for equality and human rights. Nevertheless, for security reasons International guests are not permitted to travel freely within the Empire without a State-appointed escort accompanying them.

Proponents of the Empire applaud the grace which it extends to the rest of the world, while critics question the motives of High Command and insist that the new "Peace Assembly" is powerless and ignorant of alleged concerns beyond its jurisdiction.

Congress Loop Road is an elevated expressway allowing direct rooftop access to the Peace Assembly Center and ease of access to upper lobbies of the Congressional Complex on the north side. It is visible in these new shots, as the new addition appears for the first time in full detail against the backdrop of the entire city:

Bird's-Eye view of Congressional Complex from Second Sky Lobby of the US Embassy Complex North Tower:

Pingyao Jun 12, 2010 1:03 PM

This is mental! Very unique architectural style you've got going. The whole city is looking huge and frightening - big brother is watching you!

JHoward88 Jun 21, 2010 3:09 PM

Video Update 2.51 Coming Soon
As I write this, the rendering process continues for what will be my first full-detail video animation of the project at its current development stage, which I will post within the next day or so. Due to computing limitations, it takes about 10 hours to create each minute of completed video animation, so suffice to say things are going a bit slow. :)

Meanwhile, early design work has begun on the next phase of housing developments, which will provide residence for another 20,000+ people. I will probably have them finished and integrated into the model in about a week.

In any case, here is a quick list of completed and planned buildings, and their functions:

Part I: Federal
East (Themis) Tower (Civilian Amenities)
Judicial Wing North (Enforcement Division)
Judicial Wing South (Legislative Division)
Pentagon II Complex South (Military Administration, Nationalist Party)
Pentagon II Complex North (Economic Administration)
West Mall Memorial (Department of Tourism)
South (Athena) Tower (HC352 Indicator / Commonwealth Stock Exchange)
North Marker (Civilian Memorial)
Sigma Center East Pyramids (Department of Archives and Records)
Sigma Center Dome (Ministry of Culture, Library of Congress)
Embassy Center Towers (United States Embassy, International Consolates)
Tri-Centennial Tower (Imperial Commercial Corporation, Communist Party)

Part II: Private Sector
State Street Project (Federal Commissioned Residential Housing)
Imperial Contract Zone (Commercial Development, under jurisdiction of ICC, under construction)
Gult Tower (Capitalist Party)
Daventry District (Civilian Arts and Consumer Amenities, Historic District)
Mint Building (Monetary Agency, under construction)
Dominion Television Center (State Broadcasting, Arts Venue)

Part III: International Sector
Tri Party Congressional Assembly Dome (Seat of Government)
Diplomatic Assembly Center (Hotel, Convention Center)
Peace Assembly Center (United Nations, Amnesty International, other international organizations)
International Business District (project not yet started)
Docks (project not yet started)

Part IV: Works and Corrections
PWC Residential District (light to medium density residential space for 20,000+ civilian residents / under construction)
North State Street Department of Health and Education Complex (project not yet started)
PWC Industry and Detention (project not yet started)
PWC Agricultural Division (project not yet started)
Publics Works & Corrections Headquarters (project not yet started)
HOPE II Mass Housing Initiative (project not yet started)

The Fellowship of Federal Fraternities (State Church/Social Organization) Headquarters is another large concept building which is planned for the distant future, along with a substantial shopping mall of some variety.


I first started developing ideas which eventually evolved and gave birth to this extended project a little over 2 years ago. My early work with sketchup started at some point in the second half of last year (2009). What began as a rather trivial bit of fun has since evolved into an increasingly dynamic project. It has become apparent to me that I probably will not be wrapping up before the end of the year as originally planned.

While most or all of the projects listed above will most likely be completed in 2010, the ongoing project at large is now officially open-ended and may ultimately be spanned over the course of several years.

Flamesrule Jun 21, 2010 3:14 PM

wow, you have really out done yourself this time. The architecture is very well done, and this project is very well planned out. I wish Tennington was this planned out~

I also can't wait until your video!

Innsertnamehere Jun 21, 2010 3:20 PM

the elevated highway looks a bit funny here:

otherwise, a great city!!! (with lots and lots of thought being put into it)

JHoward88 Jun 22, 2010 11:53 AM

^ Thanks for the feedback, guys. Innsertnamehere, I see what you are saying about that elevated roadway. I think it would look better if I had made it a gradual, softly descending curve instead of using the double-humped design which I did. Perhaps at some point down the road I'll go back in there and redesign it one way or another. There are a number of things that I would really like to go back in and refine, but due to lag in the main model, they will probably wind up waiting until I upgrade my computer system.

In any case, the great unveiling is upon us. Enjoy the Show. :)

Update: original video removed. Most recent video rendering is located later in this thread.

Pingyao Jun 22, 2010 12:06 PM

Brilliant propaganda video:tup: . All you need are the smiling, waving populace to complete the scene. The architecture you've created is truly unique as well, a bit of Nazi, Stalinist, Russian Constructivist, Italian futurist - genius. I'll be interested to know how you're going to expand outwards the city, and its gonna look so impressive and scary to see the centre surrounded by the workers houses.

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