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Doady Jun 9, 2020 8:14 PM

Queen Street South (Streetsville)
All photos taken on December 28, 2019, May 23, 2020, and May 28, 2020 (EST).

On Boxing Day, I bought the Olympus E-M1 II and 12-100mm F4 IS, and two days later I tested it out for the very first time. I was planning 2-month trip to visit hundreds of relatives in Vietnam, whom I haven't seen in 25 years, and I needed something more than a 15-year-old Olympus C-7070 and four CF and xD cards with a total of 1.8GB of storage.

I wasn't actually planning to post these photos here at all. Just practising and trying to learn a new camera, then the pandemic cancelled the trip and made me kind of depressed so I went back to Streetsville for second day to get out of the house and try to cheer myself up. It's a village and former town in Mississauga, only 20 minutes walk from my home, so I don't have to take a bus and risk infection to get there.

Becoming more confident with the camera, I went back a third time to try fumbling around with it in the dark to test it for night photography. Then I realized I had so many photos of the same place, I can make a thread for it, so here you go.

Please keep in mind, I did not have any thread in mind when I took these photos so they might be a bit redundant and not show Streetsville completely.

I also want to make it clear these photos were not intended as part of a hidden agenda to promote this place or mislead people about the true nature of this city. I don't condone sprawl or car culture in any way. I have not photographed Streetsville in 10 years and these photos are not representative of the way I normally photograph this city. Again, I wasn't even planning to ever show these photos at the time I took them, just testing out and trying to have fun with my new camera, and this place just happens to be close to my home. I would still be recovering from a trip and posting photos of Vietnam right now if not for this pandemic. Rest assured, the photos in my next thread will be much more unaesthetic, more in line with the photos that I usually post here. Thank you for your understanding.
New storefronts along Queen
Former Canada Post office, now former Dollarama
Side exit from Border MX
The Glow Behind Streetsville United Church
261 Queen St. S apartments
Scooter and side door along Old Pine St.
Stop but no parking along Old Pine St.
Starbucks front patio (during winter)
House beside the Bell Canada office
Fresh Mart on Tannery St. (beside Burrito Boyz!)
142 Queen St. S.
142 Queen St. S.

Late Afternoon in the Streetsville Pollinator Showcase Garden
Tacos, Botox, and leaky pipes
Cycling with dad in front of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church
Across Queen toward Border MX
Returning from Border MX
El Mariachi (open for takeout)
Royal Bank branch (temporarily closed)
Hanging out in front of On-Z-Rocks and Image Collections
Former John Graydon House, now insurance office (temporarily closed)
Former Dollarama (still abandoned during pandemic)

Full moon behind the 4 Caroline apartments (facing Queen)
Entering Streetsville Central Plaza
Passing by Streetsville Central Plaza
Poorly-lit Kerr "Street"
Brightly-lit Water St.
Tannery Gate, at 5 o'clock? (actually 11:47PM EDT)
Moon fading behind Angel Boutique
Streetsville Village Square canopy after midnight
Racing south past the storefronts at Thomas St.
Racing north past the Royal Bank


kcexpress69 Jun 11, 2020 11:08 PM

Nice picture thread!! Thanks!! :tup:

geomorph Jul 26, 2020 9:33 PM


Originally Posted by Doady (Post 8946911)
Streetsville Village Square canopy after midnight

This shelter is pretty high-tech for these streetscapes!

MonkeyRonin Jul 27, 2020 4:37 PM

I happened to drive through Streetsville a little while ago for the first time. It's a cute enough area, though not as substantial and functionally urban as Port Credit. Good pics.

Doady Jul 27, 2020 8:06 PM

Thank everyone. Yeah, Streetsville is more small town feel. Port Credit has more city feeling. I should photograph Port Credit soon while summer lasts. My shoulder keeps breaking though so I cannot go out much right now, but Port Credit is on my to do list for sure. I always go there on my way to downtown Toronto, and it always reminds me. You guys will probably find it more interesting than places like Streetville or Cooksville.


Originally Posted by geomorph (Post 8992514)
This shelter is pretty high-tech for these streetscapes!

Yeah, they only built that a few years ago. They redesigned and reconstructed that street to the left (Main Street) at the same time. When you guys see Port Credit, it will be even more mix of old and new.

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