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Architekton Oct 27, 2016 4:26 PM

Skyscrapers around Palace of Culture in Warsaw I Poland
This thread refers to an endless discussion about the future development of Warsaw city core projects of skyscrapers around Palace of Culture in Poland.

First of all I would like to introduce myself by giving you link to my site at polish portal to get more informations about the subject of creation in that special place in Warsaw.

Imagine such situation ( just vision) ;) ,that Mr.Trump future President of the US wins the election in USA this year and Mr.Libeskind the famous architect who already made his nice tower in Warsaw Zlota 44 ,they two talk to our polish President Andrew Duda and create such new plans to show Mr.Putin where his place is :yes:

Do you know what I am thinking about? Do you remember what symbol we have in Warsaw ? Symbol of what is now standing in the middle of center of Warsaw??? Yes the symbol of russian domination after II World War ? Yes I'm talking about Stalin's tower gift to polish nation.

So going back to our imagination, ;) the elites of countries, as I wrote, plan new SYMBOL building in Warsaw to make new integration the eastern part of United Europe more closer to western culture. What now? Now higher,better and nicer then Stalin's the Palace of Culture.,2,0.jpg

The building would look similar to the concepts like I show you here on the thread.,2,0.jpg

White eagle above the tower similar to american eagle of power in Poland .Inscription "IN GOD WE TRUST" above the main entrance.,2,0.jpg
All links
That could have been polish-american investition may be.,2,0.png

You know now the political situation in easter Europe. Ukraine and stuff like that? President A.Duda and president D.Trump opens it as a simbol of real freedom in Poland. Isn't it a fine, peaceful way to create wonderful republican US and Polish policy in direction to join Europe with Russia in to one continental thinking ? :)

Some people would say at that moment that Poland would have become next american state in Europe to continue powerful movement to integrate UE with USA in to one SUPER-LAND. Mr.A.Macierewicz and Mr. A.Carter in Poland could crate their full of peace "military" defending plans in that special way ;),2,0.jpg

Who knows may be Russia seeing this would be the next land to be integrated with US in to one GLOBAL- COUNTRY. All this in context to strongly developing China ! US.UNION would be great superpower .Isn't it the wounderful global future of all. No war but international investments as a simbols of transcendent policy all over the globe? Joining people. Why not ?

My urban sites proposals,2,0.jpg,2,0.jpg,2,0.jpg

Video Link

To be continued soon :runaway:

Architekton Oct 27, 2016 7:45 PM

Well,I'm curious abaut Your opinion about this how could look Warsaw City Core-Skyline like? I perform You my design.I made it long time ago/1992/But it doesn't matter to discuss the topic.The clue is that that area in Poland, I mean,around Palace of Culture in the CENTER midle of the Capital City is for many years not being built .The question is WHY?

I sent my PROJECT in The International Competition of Ideas for Development Scheme for that place in 1992

Some pictures first:,2,0.jpg,2,0.jpg,2,0.jpg,2,0.jpg,2,0.jpg,2,0.jpg

All above photos from

and this is how it looks nowadays

Empty surrounding of Palace of Culture


...which is waste of place in the center.

More actual view:,2,0.jpg

still domination of russian-communism-huge-building.Why so long after political transformations in Poland this BUILDING is dominating&devastating that important area for capital city of Poland?
I mean not to destroy that historical building, we must say ,but why there is no permission to build close to it for so long?
Such investitions could make the Warsaw city skyline more european not so russian. To create a group skyscrapers instead of ONE PALACE dominating all warsaw landscape.

Some other views now from Warsaw:,2,0.jpg,2,0.jpg,2,0.jpg,2,0.jpg

Of course they made there some skyscraper architecture near that area but its separated from City Core. Not integrated at all.,2,0.jpg,2,0.jpg,2,0.jpg,2,0.jpg,2,0.jpg

It's like one center here /with Libeskind building/ and other there /PKiN BIG palace building with green surrounding/.
You can see this here

Let's talk about Dear Friends
To be continued soon again :tup:

KevinFromTexas Nov 4, 2016 2:01 AM

Hello, please make sure to include links below each photo to the website where you found them.

Architekton Nov 4, 2016 12:57 PM

Ok .Most of them are mine, but ok I will add links where possible.
Oh You probably removed films about Mr.Trump I put here lastly :(
As I guess it was politics, current events etc that's why was deleted ?

Zerton Nov 11, 2016 4:54 PM

Pretty cool drawings! Very detailed.

The Best Forumer Nov 16, 2016 5:44 PM

very nice.... very nice

Architekton Dec 7, 2016 11:38 AM


Originally Posted by Zerton (Post 7620131)
Pretty cool drawings! Very detailed.


Originally Posted by The Best Forumer (Post 7624549)
very nice.... very nice

Here we have some more informations about new concepts of these projects. Kind of continuation of the topic here but on other portal: <klick the link below>,2,0.jpg,2,0.jpg

John Kowalsky Jan 24, 2017 4:06 PM

Vision of the skyline Warsaw .I do not understand why it is so very long line of buildings? Should be more focused in one place I mean high buildings . Don't you think so ?,2,0.jpg

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