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Chadillaccc Jan 17, 2014 4:24 AM

Prince George Construction
I was searching around for a nice skyline photo of thise lovely northern city and ended up coming across a couple of projects that I have never even heard mentioned about on this entire forum! I was shocked at how nice one of them is. I feel like perhaps Prince George deserves its own thread, considering I can find several large downtown projects in just a quick 5 minute search online. With the economic boom coming to the area which will be enhanced by the future construction of the Northern Gateway Pipeline, I expect more nice/big projects like these to follow.

The Wood Innovation and Design Centre - 27.5 meters (90 feet) - 7 storeys - tallest contemporary wood building in North America
Preferred proponent selected for Wood Innovation and Design Centre by BC Gov Photos, on Flickr

Delta Prince George - 6 storeys - first 4-star hotel in Prince George

Commonwealth Gardens - 6 storeys - ~25 meters

Kin Centre Addition

Residential Wood Innovation Comprehensive District Initiative

Chadillaccc Jan 17, 2014 9:10 PM

Construction update on the Wood Innovation and Design Centre as of November 25, 2013.


YYCguys Jan 17, 2014 11:50 PM

I didn't think that would EVER get started! They had been talking about it for years!

Chadillaccc Jan 18, 2014 12:13 AM

:) I think the Delta Hotel has also started! Can't seem to find pics though...

EDIT: Yep, the hotel is UC as well.

Chadillaccc Jan 20, 2014 3:04 AM

Best Western Plus (with an awesome waterslide) - Prince George BC

Mishpet1 Jan 26, 2014 12:35 AM

Apparently this project was canned. I do wish Best Western would renovate their location downtown though

Mishpet1 Jan 26, 2014 12:36 AM

Here is a link to the live webcam.

weezerfaninfreddy Feb 10, 2014 6:15 PM

New BCGEU Office Building downtown

BCGEU to build new area office in Prince George

7 Nov '13

The B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union (BCGEU) is currently in the development permit stage on a new building for members and staff in Prince George. The union plans to begin construction on the 12,000 square-foot, three-storey building in May 2014 with a targeted completion date of July 2015.

“We’re thrilled about the new building that our members and staff in the Prince George area will call home,” says BCGEU President Darryl Walker.

“Each new building that the union erects represents our commitment to our members and the important work that they do.”

The building will be a brick and glue-lam structure with several sustainable features such as:
• High efficiency heat pump system to optimize energy use
• Automated faucets and low flush toilets
• Daylight harvesting using light level sensors
• Reduced energy use for lighting via occupancy sensors
• Interior materials used will be pre or post recycled wherever possible
• Interior materials, primarily adhesives, sealants, caulking and paint will be low-emitting VOC’s
• Construction waste will be kept to a minimum and re-directed for recycling where possible
• Easily accessible and dedicated area for recyclable materials
• Daylight and views will be maximized between indoor spaces and the outdoors

“BCGEU makes it a priority to operate in a way that is environmentally sound,” says BCGEU Treasurer Stephanie Smith.

“We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint while servicing the needs of our growing membership.”

The new building will keep the name of the existing office—the “Diane L. Wood Union Centre.” Diane Wood was the union’s secretary-treasurer from 1987-2005 and a long-time union activist in the Prince George area.

BCGEU currently represents over 2,400 members in the Prince George area. contractor website

Design-mind Feb 24, 2014 4:01 AM

I am loving the wooden mid rise architecture that is getting started in PG. I will have to visit if they move ahead on the residential portion of the district. It would be neat to have a tour of one of the suites.

Chadillaccc Apr 22, 2014 5:41 PM

The Wood Innovation and Design Centre

Mishpet1 May 29, 2014 2:13 AM

Hi guys. Just a quick update for the WIDC. The wraps have come off. Wasn't sure how to just attach photo so I added link

Design-mind Jul 10, 2014 3:27 AM

Still quite hard to see how it really looks with all the scaffolding. I am excited as I really think that this project has the potential of turning these types of buildings into typical construction practices.

rapid_business Oct 27, 2014 4:18 PM

Any updates on this building? Updated pics?

Mishpet1 Nov 1, 2014 2:12 AM

Here is a link to the grand opening which includes photo.

Chadillaccc Nov 1, 2014 10:02 PM

Yarrrr, she's a right bonny tower!

Design-mind Nov 2, 2014 3:21 AM

Looks fantastic!! :D

Chadillaccc Mar 26, 2015 6:55 AM

Not bad, not bad at all :)

Mishpet1 Mar 27, 2015 5:21 AM

Loving this building. I do wish they had gone at least 3 more stories. Here is a Youtube video showing some more projects underway in PG. The RBC building re-clad looks really good. Sorry, but I am not sure if I am posting actual video or just link. First attempt at this

Chadillaccc Mar 29, 2015 2:52 AM

Yeah I wish this thing had come in at 10 storeys instead of 6 but it was still fantastically done and has set the bar for quality wood construction.

66days Mar 30, 2015 12:53 AM

Any updates on Commonwealth Gardens or Delta?

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