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Residential ul. Klaudyny 2821built(1)
Residential ul. Gwiazdzista 2521built(1)
Residential ul. Gwiazdzista 2121built(1)
Hotel System18built2013(1)
12/14 Skierniewicka St.18built2009
Residential Górczewska 200b17built2008
Residential Górczewska 200a17built2008
Renaissance Tower15built2000(1)
Galeria Ursynow18built2001(1)
Osiedle Kondratowicza17built2014
Leszno 815built2007
Bielany Apartments III15built2009
Bielany Apartments II15built2009
Bielany Apartments I15built2009
West Gate14built2001
Praga Tower17built2007
Dom na Skarpie17built2008
Deloitte House15built2009
Atrium 115built2013(1)
Warsaw Spire Tower [3]14built2014
Warsaw Spire Tower [2]14built2014
Karolkowa Business Park Tower 212built2013
Karolkowa Business Park Tower 112built2013
Wola Center11built2013(1)
Blue City6built2004
Mokotów Plaza IIbuilt2007
Residential Ulica A. Mickiewicza 7219built(1)
Residential ul. A. Mickiewicza 7419built(1)
Pod Orlem17built1999
Atrium Tower13built1997(1)
Zebra Tower Warsaw17built2009(1)
Residential OzZB ul. Zelazna 58/6216built(1)
Residential OzZB ul. Waliców 2016built(1)
Residential OzZB ul. Przechodnia 216built(1)
Residential OzZB ul. Pereca 216built(1)
Residential OzZB ul. Pereca 13/1916built(1)
Residential OzZB ul. Marszalkowska 111a16built(1)
Residential OzZB ul. Krochmalna 316built(1)
Residential OzZB ul. Krochmalna 216built(1)
Residential OzZB ul. Grzybowska 916built(1)
Residential OzZB ul. Grzybowska 6/1016built(1)
Residential OzZB ul. Grzybowska 516built(1)
Residential OzZB ul. Grzybowska 3916built(1)
Residential OzZB ul. Grzybowska 3016built(1)
Residential OzZB ul. Grzybowska 16/2216built(1)
Residential OzZB ul. Graniczna 416built(1)
Residential OzZB ul. Chlodna 1516built(1)
Residential OzZB ul. Chlodna 1116built(1)
Residential OzZB al. Jana Pawla 2 - 2616built(1)
Residential OzZB al. Jana Pawla 2 - 2016built(1)
Okrzei Office Building15built(1)
Office Building CFP14built
Wronia 3116under construction
Sybilla Apartments16built2005
Osiedle Wilga VII15built2011
Mokotów Plaza15built2005
Ulica Stefana Batorego 3717built1975
Ulica Stefana Batorego 3317built1975
Ulica Stefana Batorego 3117built1975
Ulica Stefana Batorego 2917built1975
Ulica Stefana Batorego 2717built1975
Ostrobramska III17built2004
Ostrobramska II17built2004
Ostrobramska I17built2004
M2 B17built2006
Ryłko Building16built
Residential ul. Majdaska 1316built
Residential ul. Kopielska 1516built
Ochota Residence16built2003
Centrum Zelazna, II Etap16built2004
Centrum Zelazna 1 Etap16built2002
Klif Tower15built1999
Downtown Apartments15under construction
FWPN - Skrzydlo C14built2005(1)
Centrum Krolewska14built2002(1)
Adria Towers14built2014
Crown Square13built2010
Focus Filtrowa11built2000(1)
Aleje Jerozolimskie 13316built
Inflancka 1513built2013
Residential ul. Iberyjska 716built
Residential ul. Iberyjska 616built
Residential ul. Iberyjska 516built
Residential ul. Iberyjska 416built
Residential ul. Egejska 1316built
Residential ul. Egejska 1116built
Śliska 10 Street15built
Saska Kępa Warszawa14built2011
Kercelak Bellottiego Warsaw12built2007
Astoria11under construction
Wolf Marszałkowska12built2010
Grand Hotel Warsaw12built1957
Aleje Jerozolimskie 15514built
Aleje Jerozolimskie 15114built
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