Vilnius is the capital and largest city of Lithuania.

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Europe Tower33built2004(7)
Helios City Tower 127built2006(4)
Europe Square Apartments27built2004(6)
Sail Towers 1&224built2009(4)
Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva23built1983(4)
Sail Tower 323built2018
Grand Office21built2014(1)
Vilnius Municipal Center21built2004(4)
Vilnius Gate Apartments20built2007(3)
Victoria Tower20built2005(5)
Virsuliskiu Porele 224built2006(2)
Virsuliskiu Porele 124built2006(2)
Merko Virsuliskes Tower I20proposed
Press House18built1985(1)
Zirgo Apartements20built2004(3)
Quadrum Business City - East Tower17built2016
Zvalgu Residential 217built2007
Zvalgu Residential 117built2007
Helios City Tower 217built2012
S. Staneviciaus 5217built1990(3)
S. Staneviciaus 3417built1990(3)
Fabijoniskiu 9517built1990(3)
Fabijoniskiu 6117built1990(3)
Fabijoniskiu 4317built1990(3)
Fabijoniskiu 317built1990(3)
Swedbank Central Office16built2009(2)
Didlaukio 51A17built2004(1)
Didlaukio 5117built2004(1)
Skala Apartments16built2006
Hanner Building15built2001(5)
Green Hall12built2009(2)
Konstitucijos Avenue Apartments17built
Zirmunu 7016built2006(1)
Seskine Residential Block 216built2005
Seskine Residential Block 116built2005
Sauletekio 616built1980(1)
Linksmasis Building A216built2007
Linksmasis Building A116built2007
Sauletekio 816built1980(1)
Sauletekio 416built1980(1)
Sauletekio 1816built1980(1)
Sauletekio 1616built1980(1)
Sauletekio 1216built1980(1)
Crowne Plaza Hotel17built1973(2)
Zirmunai Apartments16built2004(2)
Merko Virsuliskes Tower II14proposed
Alsva Tower 216built2006
Alsva Tower 116built2006
Business Class Center 213built2006(4)
Business Class Center13built2002(4)
Business Centre Gama10built2012
Quadrum Business City - North Building12built2016
Antakalnio 3713built2002(1)
Mabilta Residential 414built2006
Mabilta Residential 214built2006
Mabilta Residential 114built2006
Business Centre Beta12built2010
Danske Bank Building10built2007
Delfinas Apartments13built2004(1)
VGTU Science and Study Center11built2010
Mabilta Residential 314built2006
Lietuvos Pastas Building12built1964
Rugiu Gatve 12a12built2004(1)
Nida Apartaments Complex12built2007
Linksmasis Building B112built2007
Linksmasis Building B112built2007
Evita Tower B11built2011
Kabantys Sodai B11built2009
Kabantys Sodai A11built2009
Evita Tower A11built2011
Jin&Jan Tower11built2008
The Evolution11built2009
Linksmasis Building C210built2007
Linksmasis Building C110built2007
Konarskio Flats10built2012
Green Vilnius Hotel10built2011
Quadrum Business City - South Building9built2016
Apartaments Veikme9built2012
North Star Business Center6built2009
North Star Residential Tower7built2009
Kabantys Sodai C9built2009
Lithuanian Telecom5built2000(2)