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Energy Tower at City Center53cancelled(1)
West Energy Tower at City Center22cancelled
Bank of America Building24built1978(1)
East Energy Tower at City Center22cancelled
Wilco Building22built1958(1)
Independence Plaza16built1984(1)
One Wall Plaza15built1959(1)
500 West Illinois Avenue15built1984(1)
Centennial Tower15built1979(1)
Fasken Center14built1975
305 West Texas Avenue14built1981
Midland Savings Building14destroyed
WNB Tower12built1982(1)
The Summit12built1981
Western United Life Building12built1945(1)
Wall Tower West12built1968
Midland Sky Tower12built1962
First National Bank Plaza12built1978
Petroleum Building12built1929
Midland Paragon11built1982
Midland County Courthouse11built1983
Community National Bank of Texas Building10built1945
Permian Plaza I10built1982
Hotel Santa Rita No. 112proposed
Hilton Midland Plaza - South Tower11built1982
Hilton Midland Plaza - North Tower11built1976
Midland Tower10built1948