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Tokyo was founded in 1457 under the name Edo and was a quiet town with a small population. This changed in 1603 when the Tokugawa Shogunate moved the seat of government to Edo. As a result the population increased substantially. After the collapse of the shogunate in 1868 and the establishment of a modern national government, the emperor took up official residence in Edo and moved the capital to Edo from Kyoto. The city was renamed Tokyo, meaning “Eastern Capital,” to reflect the change.

Tokyo was a regular city like any other in Japan until 1943, when the prefectural and municipal governments were merged. Because of this, Tokyo is not technically a city but rather an entire prefecture made up of 23 special independent wards, 26 additional cities and towns, and several islands stretching as far as 350 km out into the Pacific Ocean. The head of the municipal government is located in Shinjuku Ward, and provides prefectural administration over the cities and islands, as well as limited municipal administration for the shared services of the 23 wards, such as water, sewage, and fire services. Each of the 23 wards has its own government administration and is more or less analogous to an independent city, complete with an elected mayor.

Note that this page represents only the 23 special wards of Tokyo, and none of the other cities in Tokyo prefecture.

Total Area of the 23 wards: 621.49 km²

Ward List: Adachi-ku, Arakawa-ku, Itabashi-ku, Edogawa-ku, Ota-ku, Katsushika-ku, Kita-ku, Koto-ku, Shinagawa-ku, Shibuya-ku, Shinjuku-ku, Suginami-ku, Sumida-ku, Setagaya-ku, Taito-ku, Chuo-ku, Chiyoda-ku, Toshima-ku, Nakano-ku, Nerima-ku, Bunkyo-ku, Minato-ku, Meguro-ku

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Kita-Shinagawa 5-Chome Redevelopment Proje...31built2015
Regale Nihombashi-Ningyocho39built2007
Shirokane Tower42built2005(1)
Hikifune Station Front Area 1 Redevelopmen...41built2009
Kita-Shinagawa 5-Chome Redevelopment Proje...40built2015
City Tower Shinagawa43built2008(1)
ThinkPark Tower30built2007(1)
New Tekko Building 131built2015
World City Towers Capital Tower43built2007(1)
World City Towers Breeze Tower43built2007(1)
Station Plaza Tower36built2009
Sumitomo Fudosan Nishi-Shinjuku Building33built2009(1)
Shinagawa Intercity Tower C32built1998(2)
Shinagawa Intercity Tower B32built1998(2)
Olinas Tower31built2006
River City 21 Skylight Tower40built1990(2)
Toyosu ON Building30built1992
World City Towers Aqua Tower41built2006(1)
The Tower Grandia38built2004(1)
Keio Plaza Hotel South Building35built1980(1)
Tokyo Times Tower40built2004(1)
Roppongi T-CUBE27built2003
Venasis Kanamachi Tower Residence41built2009
Kawadacho Comfo Garden Building C41built2003
Royal Parks Tower Minami-Senju39built2008
Otemachi Nomura Building27built1997(1)
Nampeidaicho Plan22built2012
Cosmopolis Shinagawa40built2005
Proud Tower Chiyoda Fujimi38built2009(1)
Futako-Tamagawa East 2nd District Redevelo...30built2015
Nishi-Asakusa 3-chome Plan38built2012
Bay Crest Tower40built2005(2)
Renaissance Tower Ueno-Ikenohata38built2005
Nippon Express Headquarters28built2003(2)
Crest Prime Tower Shiba39built2007
Brillia Towers Meguro South Residence Buil...38under construction
Chiyoda First Building West32built2004(1)
Akasaka Intercity29built2005
Hotel New Otani Garden Court30built1991
Vanguard Tower38built2007(1)
Riverside Sumida Center33built1994
The Garden Towers Sunset Tower39built1997
The Garden Towers Sunrise Tower39built1998
Nakano-Sakaue Sun Bright Twin30built1996(1)
Yoyogi Seminar Tower Obelisk26built2008(1)
Moon Island Tower38built2002
Shinjuku NS Building30built1982(1)
Shiodome Building24built2007
Tokyo ANA Tower36built1986(1)
Kogakuin University Shinjuku Building29built1989(1)
Sumitomo Realty Shiba-Koen Tower30built2001(1)
NTT Data Shinagawa Building27built2003(1)
River City 21 River Point Tower40built1989(2)
Chuo-ku Minato Redevelopment Project36under construction
Mizuho Bank Headquarters32built1980(2)
Shibuya Cross Tower32built1975(1)
City Tower Shinjuku Shintoshin37built2005
Shinjuku Toho Buildingbuilt2015
Shinjuku Kokusai Building - Hilton Tokyo38built1984(1)
River Harp Tower Building 239built2000(1)
The Center Tokyo38built2007
Sunshine City Prince Hotel37built1980(2)
Tomin Tower Shinonome36built1996(1)
City Tower Azabu-Juban36built2009(1)
Park Court Azabu-Juban The Tower36built2010
Imperial Hotel Imperial Tower31built1983
Akasaka Park Building30built1993
STEC Information Building27built1992(1)
City Tower Kanamachi37under construction
River City 21 East Tower37built1991(1)
Hibiya Kokusai Building31built1981(1)
Osaki West City Towers East Building39built2009(1)
Osaki Station West Central Area Redevelopm...39built2009(1)
NTT Shinjuku Head Office Building30built1995
Tennozu Central Tower27built1994(1)
DNP Gotanda Building25built2006(1)
Shiodome Sumitomo Building25built2004(1)
Toyosu IHI Building25built2006
Harmony Square29built1997
Tokyo Medical and Dental University Dental...26built2009
City Tower Takanawa35built2004
Catherina Mita Tower Suite East Ark36built2006
Harumi Island 3-chome West District B Project33built2015
Dai Nippon Printing Ichigaya Factory Redev...21built2015
Tower Residence Tokyo37built2008(1)
Tokyo Square Garden24built2013(1)
Municipal Public Housing Shiomi 1-Chome Ap...36built2001
Shinjuku L Tower31built1989(1)
Shin Tokyo Takeda Building24under construction
FUJI TV Headquarters25built1996(1)
Shinjuku Square Tower31built1994(1)
Shinjuku Monolith Building30built1990(1)
Tokyo Sea South Blanc Phare36built2004
The Towers Daiba West33built2006
The Towers Daiba East33built2006
Sumitomo Shibuya First Tower26built2010
Hosei University Boissonade Tower37built2000
Keidanren Kaikan23built2009(1)
Ginza Mitsui Building24built2005
City Tower Ikebukuro West Gate34built2010
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