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Metropolitian Area Cities
Zapopan is in the metropolitian area of Guadalajara.
• Guadalajara
• Tlaquepaque
• Tonala


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World Trade Center Guadalajara52cancelled(1)
Hyatt Regency Andares41built2016(4)
Torre Aura Altitude42built2007(7)
Andares Corporativo Paseo28built2017(3)
The Landmark Guadalajara36under construction(3)
Lobby 3332under construction(2)
Central Park Corporativo29built2017(5)
Corporativo Torre Cube 226built2013(3)
Iconia Cubos Luxury Living28under construction(1)
Cima Lofts 232cancelled(2)
Cima Lofts 132cancelled(2)
Attala Tower Living29built2017(3)
Tres60 Acueducto Torre Sur28built2008(1)
Icon 23 Business Circle25built2010(1)
Torre Titanium29built2007(5)
Aura Lofts31built2007(3)
Heritage Grand Tower Guadalajara28built2009(3)
Tres60 Acueducto Torre Norte27built2008(1)
Centro Medico Puerta de Hierro26built2005(3)
Torre G29cancelled(1)
Torre Aura Puerta de Hierro28built2006(3)
Alaya Tower Living24built2013(1)
Corporativo Torre Zapopan21built2009(1)
Torres Ciudadela27cancelled
Andares Corporativo Acueducto18built2011(3)
Dos Puntas Corporativo21under construction(2)
Central Park III28built2016(2)
Central Park II28built2015(2)
Central Park I28built2014(2)
Acueducto Tower21under construction(1)
Celtis Torre Corporativa20built2012(1)
Torre Canaco25stale proposal
Zéntral 323proposed
Zéntral 223proposed
Zéntral 123proposed
Cima 20027built2009(1)
Lopez Mateos 434323proposed
Cosmocrat y Diamante Puerta de Hierro23under construction(1)
Espacio Galerias I25built2016(1)
Espacio Galerias II21under construction(1)
Andares Vida19built2009(2)
Torres Empresarios Treinta: Cinco18built2007(1)
Torre Villa Bosque20built2011(1)
Urbania23under construction(1)
Torre Monsur19under construction(1)
Vista Vento Cumbres20under construction(2)
Central Park IV20built2016(1)
Meridiano 103 C19proposed(1)
Meridiano 103 B19proposed(1)
Meridiano 103 A19under construction(1)
Latitud Providencia17under construction(1)
Torre Corey18built1993(3)
Central Park Loft Apartments18proposed
Classiqa Chapalita Torre Sur17under construction(1)
Classiqa Chapalita Torre Norte17under construction(1)
Torre Platinum Colomos18built2008(1)
Vista Plaza del Sol Torre 217built1971(1)
Metropark Residences17under construction(1)
Metropark Residences17under construction
Torre Eleve16under construction(1)
Vita Poniente D16proposed
Vita Poniente C16proposed
Vita Poniente B16proposed
Vita Poniente A16proposed
Puerta Las Lomas B16proposed
Puerta Las Lomas A16proposed
Plenitud Valle Real Select16proposed
Skalia Corporativo12built2011(2)
Eria Green City 616under construction
Eria Green City 516under construction
Eria Green City 416under construction
Eria Green City 316under construction
Cima 30015built2010(1)
Vista Magna Residencial I y II17built2015
Torre Zsense16built2006(2)
Plenitud Valle Real15built2017(1)
Andares Corporativo Patria10built2010(1)
Torre Cristal A17cancelled
Rinconada Margaritas I,II,III15built2016(1)
Presidente InterContinental15built1983(2)
Hospital Real San Jose Valle Real14under construction
Torre Cube16built2005(1)
Dos Puntas Tower II14built2010(1)
Dos Puntas Tower I14built2010(1)
Cima Real Torre114built2005(2)
Eria Green City 216under construction(1)
Citela 45 Veinte Lomas Altas15built(1)
Torre de Hierro14built2006(1)
La Reserva de Acueducto 550012built2006(1)
Torre Meya15built1984(1)
Gomez Morin 108613built2008
Eria Green City 115under construction(1)
Reserva Real: Torre Somontano14under construction
Cima Park Green Residences VI15on hold(1)
Cima Park Green Residences V15on hold(1)
Cima Park Green Residences IV15on hold(1)
Cima Park Green Residences III15built2016(1)
Cima Park Green Residences II15built2016(1)
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