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Sayan Campestre30under construction(2)
Newcity Medical Plaza33under construction(3)
NewCity Residential - Torre Rubi24under construction(2)
LIV La Recta20under construction(1)
Business Hub Tijuana19under construction(1)
SIE7E19under construction(1)
Distrito Revolucion16under construction(1)
Levant Campestre19under construction(2)
KYO HipĆ³dromo 315under construction(1)
Icon by Cosmopolitan17under construction(1)
Del Prado Medical Tower15under construction(2)
Life By Cosmopolitan13under construction(1)
i Tower TJ13under construction
Corporativo Torela12under construction(1)
KYO Altalia 315under construction
Central Working Space10under construction(1)
Nivel Diez Resort Living Torre 111under construction(1)
Nivel Diez Resort Living Tore 211under construction(1)
Magnitud Residencial Otay10under construction(1)
Ibis Hotel Tijuana10under construction
Dolce Vita Medica10under construction
Cumbres SkyView10under construction(1)
Torre Espacio Chapultepec8under construction(1)
Quinta Astoria13under construction(1)
Centro Corporativo DAYCO8under construction(1)