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Centro Comercial Torres de Agua Caliente28built1982(7)
NewCity Residencial Torre Diamante27built2008(4)
Green View27built2011(3)
NewCity Residencial - Tower 324built2015(2)
NewCity Residencial - Tower 224built2008(2)
NewCity Residencial - Torre Onix24built2017(2)
Adamant Tijuana23built2018(3)
Centro Medico Excel20built2007(3)
Centura Centro Corporativo16built(2)
Arboleda Residencial16built2018(2)
Cosmopolitan Residences15built2017(1)
Via Corporativo14built2011(1)
Horizonte Luxury Condos [Torre B]11built2017(1)
Horizonte Luxury Condos [Torre A]11built2017(1)
Field House12built2013(1)
Torre Cosmopolitan12built2014(1)
Park Towers by the Sea17built2008(1)
Torre Axa14built(1)
Urban Center & City Suites Hotel13built2016(2)
Hospital Angeles Torre de Cirugia11built2005(1)
Bosque de Agua Caliente16built(1)
Edificio Ventura14built(1)
Campestre Diamante14built2012(1)
Tijuana Marriott Hotel12built2003(1)
Edificio Gilt12built(2)
Edificio Cazzar11built2006(1)
Torre Bellavista12built(1)
Torre Frisa12built(1)
Condominio Gallego12built(1)
Torre Mol10built(1)
Secretaria de Seguridad Publica Municipal10built2005(1)
Iza Business Centers Torre Platino10built2007(1)
Hotel Real Inn Tijuana10built1996(2)
Hospital General de Tijuana10built(1)
Corporativo Paseo10built2007(1)
Condominio Beyka10built(1)
Condominio Angular9built2018(1)
Oceano 219built(1)
Torre Zentrum9built2009(1)
Hyatt Place Tijuana8built2015(1)
Edificio Gardenias10built(1)
Torre Norte9built2015(1)
Torres Paraiso Campestre II12built(1)
Torres Paraiso Campestre I12built(1)