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Tianjin is the largest trading and industrial center of the North. It is one of the four centrally administered municipalities.

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Goldin Finance 117117under construction(6)
Rose Rock International Finance Centerstale proposal(1)
Dahutong International Business Center110stale proposal
Tianjin Chow Tai Fook Binhai Center97under construction(3)
White House Union Square100proposed
R&F Tower91on hold(2)
COFCO Landmark Tower76stale proposal(1)
Sino-Steel Tower80under construction(2)
TEDA Landmark Tower 180stale proposal
Tishman Speyer Financial Plaza [2]stale proposal(2)
Tishman Speyer Financial Plaza [1]stale proposal(2)
Tianjin Modern City65built2016(2)
Tianjin World Financial Center76built2011(2)
Tianjin Kerry Center72stale proposal
Wanguo Building88cancelled(1)
CITIC Plaza Main Towerproposed
TEDA IFCproposed
Jin Wan Plaza Tower 170under construction(1)
Yujiapu Yinglan International Financial Ce...63under construction(2)
Powerlong Center Office Tower59under construction(1)
Bohai Bank Tower55built2015(1)
China Overseas Tower54on hold(2)
Financial Street Heping Center47built2016(1)
Tianjin Hutchison Whampoa Metro Plaza Main...53built2013(1)
5 Taian Dao45built2015(2)
Shangbang Leasing Tower54built2016(1)
Jin Wan Plaza Tower 258built2015(1)
Tianjin Junlin Tianxia Building64built2010(1)
Tianjin Xinda Plaza51built2004(1)
Tianjin International Trade Tower57built2014(2)
Shenglong International Finance Center52on hold(1)
Goldin Twin Towers South43under construction(1)
Goldin Twin Towers North43under construction(1)
Zovie Plaza I54on hold(1)
COSCO Tower 257on hold
Arcadia Court R359built2014(1)
Arcadia Court R259built2014(1)
Arcadia Court R159built2014(1)
Metropolis Tower [2]under construction
Metropolis Tower [1]under construction
Four Seasons Tower48built2016
AVIC International Plaza48under construction(1)
Yujiapu Liqin Financial Plaza58under construction(1)
Waterfront Ginza K261on hold(1)
Waterfront Ginza K161on hold(1)
Kunlun Center49under construction
Tianjin Maoye Building52built2015(1)
Renaissance Hotel Tianjin48built2002(1)
Golden Mansion Center36built2013
Tianjin Greentown Conrad Hotel42under construction(2)
Glorious Oriental Central Square [2]47on hold(1)
Glorious Oriental Central Square [1]46on hold(1)
Tianjin Centre Tower 153built
R&F Center Tower 247built2014
R&F Center Tower 147built2014
Golden Emperor Building47built2000(1)
Binhai Cathay Tower37built2014(1)
CITIC Plaza First Phase [4]under construction
CITIC Plaza First Phase [3]under construction
CITIC Plaza First Phase [2]under construction
CITIC Plaza First Phase [1]under construction
Jinmao Xianchang48built2008
Tianjin Hutchison Whampoa Metro Plaza Tower A57built2012
Emperor Place Tower 139built2010
Binhai China Central Place47built2013(1)
Chengcheng International Building36built2015(1)
Haina International Building46on hold(1)
Tianjin Center West49built2008
Waterfront Ginza K344on hold
Tianjin Centre East42built2008
Binhai Trade Tower40built2015(1)
Post & Telecommunications Center26built1998(1)
Lujiazui Financial Plaza [2]built2016
Lujiazui Financial Plaza [1]built2016
R&F Guangdong North Tower46built2015(1)
Tianjin World Trade Center43cancelled
Jin Wan Plaza Tower 338built2013
Powerlong Center Residential 143built2015(1)
Tianjin Hutchison Whampoa Metro Plaza Tower B53built2012
MIG Financial Towers46built2015(1)
Financial Innovation Center39built2015(1)
Hexing Mansion40built2015(1)
Tianjin Telephone Communication Tower40built
Tianjin Hutchison Whampoa Metro Plaza Tower C49built2012
Tianjin Daily Building40built1999(1)
Tianjin Evening Building38built1998
Global Landmark Squarebuilt2009
Greentown Office Tower36under construction(1)
Yunding Tower44built
Zovie Plaza II43built2014(2)
Nailun International Trade Building39on hold(1)
Kerry Center Hotel Tower38built2014
Financial Assets Exchange Building34built2015(1)
Tianjin Ocean Shipping Mansion40built1997(2)
Glorious Oriental Cultural Centre 238on hold(1)
Bak Mansion38under construction(1)
WFC Apartment Tower 2built2010(1)
WFC Apartment Tower 1built2010(1)
Yunbin Mansion38on hold(1)
Tianjin Department Store38built1997
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