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Metropolitian Area Cities
Taoyuan is in the metropolitian area of Taipei.
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ChungYuet Royal Landmark C38built2012(1)
ChungYuet Royal Landmark B38built2012(1)
ChungYuet Royal Landmark A38built2012(1)
ChungYuet TGA32built2012(1)
Financial Star Building30built1993(1)
Chungyuet Global Business Building25built2009(1)
Taoyuan Water Conservancy Composite Tower23built1997(2)
Gallery & Palace29built2006(1)
Chungyuet Imperial Park25built2010(1)
Shin Kong International Financial Center21built1994(2)
TaiMall Nankan Family Entertainment Shoppi...12built1999(1)
Fragrant Pavilion26built2009(1)
Griffa W23built2003(1)
Griffa B25built2009(1)
Griffa A25built2009(1)
Aviation Celebrities27built1997(1)
Chungyuet Guobao21built2003(1)
Century Plaza25built1993(1)
Chungyuet Heidelberg21built2008(1)
JOE.VR Mountain23built2004(1)
Taipei jie bao24built1998(1)
Marco Polo B25built1999(1)
Marco Polo A25built1999(1)
Sky Building24built2008(1)
Leader Building22built1995(1)
Skyscraper Financial Tower22built1991(1)
The Cloud23built2000(1)
Sheng jie zhen pin C23built2000
Sheng jie zhen pin A23built2000
Feng Tien Da Jun23built1995
Word Trade Empire Tower20built1997(1)
The Grand Park19built2009(1)
IF Center20built2010(1)
Run tai da jia C24built2000(1)
Run tai da jia B24built2000(1)
Run tai da jia A24built2000(1)
The Crown Palace23built2010(1)
The Pacific Celebrity22built2000
The Blue Sky22built1993
Century Palace22built
Broadway Palace22built2001
International Financial Tower20built1991(1)
Far East World Garden23built2001(1)
Ginza 2122built1994(1)
Rui Zhen Pin22built2002(1)
Sheng jie zhen pin B21built2000
Melodyplaza B21built2003(1)
Melodyplaza A21built2003(1)
Kai yue jia ji21built2001
Country Palace21built1994
Golden One22built2010(1)
Zhen Ai20built1999(1)
Da Xin Dun huang A20built1995
Hai Hua International Club22built2008(1)
Taoyuan Chinatrust Hotel20built
Da Xin Dun huang B20built1995
Triumphant Sa Twin Star22built1992
Empire States23built2007(1)
Da Xin Dun huang F20built1995
Da Xin Dun huang E20built1995
Da Xin Dun huang D20built1995
Da Xin Dun huang C20built1995
Pacific SOGO18built(1)
Victory Building20built1995(1)
Monarch Skyline Hotel20built2008(1)
Tao Yuan Da Shang B20built1999(1)
Tao Yuan Da Shang A20built1999(1)
Shou Xi19built2010
Bao li jin Tower21built1999(1)
Ba li fu yi C22built1999(1)
Ba li fu yi B22built1999(1)
Ba li fu yi A22built1999(1)
Zhong Zheng Ju Xing20built1997(1)
Guan lun da guo 720built1995(1)
Guan lun da guo 620built1995(1)
Guan lun da guo 520built1995(1)
Guan lun da guo 420built1995(1)
Guan lun da guo 320built1995(1)
Guan lun da guo 220built1995(1)
Guan lun da guo 120built1995(1)
Global Trade Building18built1993
Hai Hua Paris Square21built2006(1)
The Electricity City E20built1998(1)
The Electricity City D20built1998(1)
The Electricity City C20built1998(1)
The Electricity City B20built1998(1)
The Electricity City A20built1998(1)
Bao Shan Min Di Building C13built2000(1)
Bao Shan Min Di Building B13built2000(1)
Bao Shan Min Di Building A13built2000(1)
Enterprise Medal Buildind18built1992(1)
EVA Air Operation Building17built(1)
Chungyuet Art Plaza G15built2006(1)
Chungyuet Art Plaza F15built2006(1)
Chungyuet Art Plaza E15built2006(1)
Chungyuet Art Plaza D15built2006(1)
Chungyuet Art Plaza C15built2006(1)
Chungyuet Art Plaza B15built2006(1)
Chungyuet Art Plaza A15built2006(1)
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