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Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel Tainan38built1993(2)
Chia Heir Building19built2002(1)
Fubon Financial Center19proposed
Unique Golden Triangle26built1992(1)
The First Garden 225built1995(1)
The First Garden25built1995(1)
Oriental Giant25built1998(1)
Fu-Le Century D.C.25built2000(1)
Imperial Palace25built1996(1)
Tainan Beauty Pond28built1994(1)
Yphone Treasure Town26built1999(1)
The Great Century24built1999(1)
World Chinese Plaza24built1987(1)
Tainan National Treasure24built1996(1)
J.S. Plaza Hotel24built2000(1)
Shin Kong Life Building24built(2)
Capital of Holland27built1995(1)
The Prince Dragon23built2000
Industrialist Building22built1990(1)
City Vocation24built1999(1)
Forever Poem24built2004(1)
CH World Trade Building22built1993(1)
DoMo New Plaza21built1995
Berner. Burson22built1996(1)
The Prince Financial Center21built1997(1)
New Boundary22built1991(1)
Sunny Town20built1998
Chang-Ku New Age22built1997(1)
Emperor of New World20built1998
Tayih Landis Hotel22built(1)
Jing-Wei World22built1995(1)
Da Sheng Dynasty17built1994(1)
Polygram Tower 221built(1)
Polygram Tower 121built(1)
Kai Yuan Bao19built1996
Tainan City Hall15built1997(1)
Eastern Park19built1997(1)
Tainan Durband Department Store16built2009(1)
Yes.Far East20built1996(1)
Aegean Sea Building19built2000(1)
New Foresight20built2000(1)
China Avenue17built1996(1)
National Tax Administration of Shouern Tai...17built(1)
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Tainan Store13built1996(1)
King's Town Bank Building16built(1)
The Gate of Century19built2010(1)
Evergreen New Town 714built2003(1)
Evergreen New Town 614built2003(1)
Evergreen New Town 514built2003(1)
Evergreen New Town 414built2003(1)
Evergreen New Town 314built2003(1)
Evergreen New Town 214built2003(1)
Evergreen New Town 114built2003(1)
77 Chung-Hwa East15built(1)
Yu Pin Mansion17built1994(1)
Chin Mao Building16built1993(1)
National Tax Administration of Shouern Tai...15built(1)
All In One16built2011(1)
Ton Wen Building15built(1)
Morgan 16815built1998(1)
Equal Temperament15built2006(1)
Nantai Beverly15built1995
Hon Guan Trade Building15built1995(1)
21th Century15built1992(1)
Yan Ping Business Plaza12built
Tainan Fun Center13built2013(1)
Silks Place13built2013(1)
Evergreen Plaza Hotel Tainan12built
Tainan ZhongshanShin Kong Mitsukoshi13built1996
Tainan Far Eastern Department Store13built
Feng Jia Building12built(1)
Ton Shun Financial Building14built(1)
Water & Cloud26built2013
Yu Ding Shuan Xi19built2010
The Domain15built2010
Empire Of East Gate14built1995