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Taichung Tower60cancelled(1)
Intelligence Operation Center46proposed
Taichung Railway Station50cancelled(1)
V66 Tower55cancelled(1)
The Landmark39under construction(1)
Golden Plaza22built1999(2)
Shr-Hwa International Tower47built2004(7)
Global Strategy Center38built2015(2)
National Trade Center35under construction(1)
The Glory Tower38built2015(2)
City Center Plaza38built2010(3)
Treasure Garden39built2017(1)
Pao Huei Solitaire41built2016(2)
Long-Bang Trade Plaza37built1993(4)
Ding Sheng BHW Taiwan Central Plaza36built2015(2)
Royal Landmark Tower38built2010(3)
Da International Building 242built1997(3)
Da International Building 142built1993(3)
Savoy Palace39built2017(2)
Fubon Sky Tree39built2016(2)
Fountain Palace39built2010(3)
Taichung Time Square CBD34built2015(1)
Chuhofa Sky Building38built2016(1)
King's Vision39built2015(1)
International Trade Center 26039built2001(4)
The Heritage Grand Tower36built2011(1)
Grand Formosa Taichung32built1998(3)
Four Seasons35built2009(1)
Global Gaint Tower33built1999(4)
Du Show34built2013(1)
Bai Da Fu Li34built2009(1)
Ling-Ding Tower33built1994(4)
The Park32built2011(1)
Windsor Hotel26built2005(1)
Mind With Visions32built2010(1)
Universal Industrial Headquarters32built1991(1)
Long-Bang Building30built1992(3)
Grand Palace29built2009(1)
Tungs' Taichung Metroharbor Hospital26built(1)
Guan Chin Tien28built1997(1)
Golden Impressions29built2002(1)
Winds of the Future32built2007(1)
Chung Kong World Trade Building28built1995(1)
Yu Fong29built2006(1)
Chuhofa Glory28built2011(1)
Now & Forever28built2009(1)
Din Tien Business Building26built1992(1)
Century Garden26built2009(1)
Uptown Court 230built2010(1)
Uptown Court 130built2010(1)
Ever & Forever29built2013(1)
Sains Lin Yuan Building29built1999(1)
Tien Si 526built2010(1)
Nesa Insurance Building28built1992(1)
Mansion de Crillon25built2011(1)
City Laurel21built1997(1)
CHT Li-Sin Building23built2001(1)
Infinity Vision28built2010(1)
Emperor's Place28built2011(1)
Da An Business Building26built1991(1)
Twins Parks25built2007(1)
De Chan China26built1995(1)
Guan Din25built2012(1)
Top of the World28built2009(1)
New United Nations28built1996(1)
The Grand Twin Tower26built2013(1)
The Symphony of City28built2006
Jardine Palace27built2010(1)
Tien Hui25built2013(1)
San Di 125built1995
Cathay Life Insurance Office Building25built
World Plaza25built1995(1)
Sogo Department Store21built1995(1)
Urban Palace25built2012(1)
Millennium Vee Hotel24built2012(1)
Farglory Financial Center15built2012(1)
Southern Region Branch Chunghua Telecom13built(1)
Kimo's City27built2005(1)
Dragon's World Building26built1991(1)
Cheteau de Chambord26built2013(1)
Moon River26built2009(1)
Heart of the World26built2009(1)
Clear Sky26built2010(1)
Chung gun So Si26built2008(1)
Sense And Sensibility25built2002(1)
Moon River25built2000(1)
Sunchon Office Building23built2010(1)
The Earth Plaza22built1996(1)
Dragon's World27built1995(1)
President's Building24built1996(1)
Taiwan Treasures25built1996(1)
New York B24built2011(1)
New York A24built2011(1)
Chen Jan Di 222built2012(1)
Chen Jan Di22built2012(1)
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