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The Empire of The Ocean 216built2008(1)
Long Bang United Building16built(1)
Lin Shin Hospital13built2010(1)
Yang Yun Business Building15built1989(1)
Bodhi Venue12built2002(1)
Sovereign Building16built1992(1)
Far Eastern Financial Building14built1989(1)
One Is All B15built2008(1)
One Is All A15built2008(1)
Jia Sen Corp Building12built2011(1)
Top Tower15built2008(1)
Zong Gon Chang Hom16built1992(1)
Sunshine Plaza13built2008(1)
Gou Bao Tech Building13built1998
Chong Gon Trade Building12built2012(1)
National Taxation Bureau of Central Taiwan10built2009(1)
Tien Si 214built1997(1)
Tien Si 114built1997(1)
Ba Da Gia16built1994(1)
Yi Shin Financial Building15built1991
Evergreen Laurel Hotel15built(1)
Tung Jien Building15built1992(1)
Oriental Plaza14built2006(1)
Chan Yi Financial Center14built1994(1)
O-way Garden D13built1996(1)
O-way Garden C13built1996(1)
O-way Garden B13built1996(1)
O-way Garden A13built1996(1)
Productive Building13built1994
Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital13built2012
Taichung City Civic Center10built2010(1)
Tiger City7built2001
National Taichung Library5built2012(1)
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