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New York A24built2011(1)
Chen Jan Di 222built2012(1)
Chen Jan Di22built2012(1)
Global Operation Center21built2010(1)
FU ZE Taiwan26built2000(1)
Wen Shib Vieshow24built2003(1)
Chin Jia Zhuang23built1997(1)
Asia Pacific Building23built1997(1)
Royal Bei Ji Li 227built1991(1)
Royal Bei Ji Li 127built1991(1)
New Year25built1994(1)
Rui Lian B-224built1995(1)
Rui Lian B-124built1995(1)
Tai Shun Four Seasons26built1995(1)
Tien Han25built2009(1)
Oriental Park25built2009(1)
Ko Bo Shin Guan 225built2010(1)
Ko Bo Shin Guan25built2010(1)
Lin Yu24built2012(1)
Empire Building24built1990(1)
Versailles Royal Building25built1997(1)
Forest Avenue27built2012(1)
Shining Rich24built1999(1)
Cathay Artist View24built2011(1)
Civic LV23built2007(1)
Wall Street Imformations Tower27built1989(1)
Wen Xin Dragon 224built1995(1)
Wen Xin Dragon 124built1995(1)
Elite New York23built2009(1)
Cathay Gon Yi Building25built2000(1)
Tsung Tang Trade Building23built(1)
SkyLake Tower27built2001(1)
Sky Lake 227built2000
V62 Tower25built1990(2)
Cathay Zong Gong Building18built(1)
Cesar Holiday24built1995(1)
Jie Guan International Center23built1993(1)
Central Park26built2008(1)
Shan Di No.225built1997(1)
Art Palace B22built1996(1)
Art Palace A22built1996(1)
Civic Flower24built2012(1)
Euro Star23built2011(1)
Artist Long Ting23built1995(1)
Live In Art 226built2013(1)
Live In Art 126built2013(1)
Su Shia24built2008(1)
Mu Yu Business Building24built1998(1)
A & A+23built2005(1)
Heart Palace21built2009(1)
Park Land15built2007(1)
Jin Gou District B24built1996(1)
Jin Gou District A24built1996(1)
The One24built2009(1)
Li-Fu MedicaL Building of China MedicaL Co...21built2001(1)
The Art of San Yu26built2005(1)
Top Sky26built2013(1)
Civic Building24built2009(1)
HSBC Finance Plaza20built1991(1)
Asiaworld Plaza Building17built
World Symphony 224built1998(1)
World Symphony24built1998(1)
Art View24built1999(1)
Heritage Building23built1994(1)
Friendly Village22built1995(1)
KO-BO Green Avenue24built2013(1)
New Dubai 224built2011(1)
New Dubai24built2011(1)
Firsr Palace21built2011(1)
Vision Tower20built(1)
Yuan Hen Li Jan24built2005(1)
Zong Ming Building23built1994(1)
Sunshine & Green 222built1994
Sunshine & Green 122built1994
New China22built1997
Taifu Empire Building20built1990(1)
Shiji Financial Center20built1993(1)
Rui Lian B-420built1995(1)
Rui Lian B-320built1995(1)
Zhong Ke Hotel19built(1)
The Jinray Square23built2013(1)
Hyde Park One23built2011(1)
NPC International Plaza22built1991(1)
Tien Yu Chi21built2012(1)
San Di 124built1995(1)
Beautiful Village24built1997(1)
David Avenue22built1995(1)
Culture Academy 220built1999(1)
Culture Academy 120built1999(1)
Civic Twins 220built1996(1)
Civic Twins 120built1996(1)
Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Building18built
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