Formerly known as Soochow or Suchow.

Suzhou is a city in eastern China, west-northwest of Shanghai. As the capital (sixth–fifth century B.C.) of an ancient feudal kingdom, the city was almost destroyed in the Taiping Rebellion (1853) against the Manchu dynasty but was rebuilt. It became a treaty port in 1896, was occupied by the Japanese during World War II, and fell to Chinese Communists in 1949. Suzhou is famous for its beautiful bridges and pagodas and for its silk industry, which dates back to the Song dynasty (960–1279).

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Gate of the Orient66built2015(3)
SPG Global Towers53built2010(1)
Suzhou Center52built2013(1)
Suzhou International Commerce City West Tower54built2005(2)
International Fortune Plaza Tower A44built2016(1)
Modern Media Plaza Tower A42built2015(1)
CSSD Plaza47built2015(1)
Suzhou Center Plaza [1]56built2017
Metropolitan Tower B52built2009(2)
Metropolitan Tower A52built2009(2)
Phoenix International Book City East Tower42built2013(1)
International Commerce Square45built2012(1)
Suzhou Center Plaza [2]47built2017
Nison Plaza50built2013(1)
Suzhou Henghe Plaza49built2003(1)
W Suzhou39built2017
International Fortune Plaza Tower B31built2016(1)
Jinhe International Building42built2004(1)
Modern Media Plaza Tower B30built2015(1)
Shimao Butterfly Bay50built2010(1)
Suzhou Center Plaza 433built2017
Tai Cang New Port Businese Area NO.1 Building36built2010(1)
Phoenix International Book City West Tower37built2013(1)
Suzhou Center Plaza 527built2017
Suzhou International Commerce City East Tower28built(1)
Holiday Inn Jasmine Suzhou29built2004(1)
Zhongyin Huilong Building30built(1)
Wanda Buinese Plaza C30built2008(1)
Wanda Buinese Plaza B30built2008(1)
Wanda Buinese Plaza A30built2008(1)
International Trade Building28built
Concorde Building28built(1)
Golden Lion Building25built(1)
Waterfall Tower26built2005
Sui Shaw Hua Du 224built2012(1)
Sui Shaw Hua Du 124built2012(1)
Howard Johnson All Suites Suzhou32built2008
Le Jia Building28built2010
Golden River International West Building28built2006(1)
Golden River International East Building28built2006(1)
Port City Plaza24built2010(1)
Woo Zhong Building27built2010(1)
New City Garden Hotel Tower 226built2008(1)
Park Geteway25built(1)
China International Costume City19built2006(1)
Modern Building21built2005(1)
Gao Sin Building29built(1)
Suzhou Center Plaza 721built2017
Suzhou Center Plaza 621built2017
Soochow Securities Headquarters21built(1)
Suzhou Communication Command Center24built1994
Youngor Leidisen Hotel30built2008
Aster Hotel29built1992
Gusu Jin Jiang Tower28built(1)
Investment Building22built2012(1)
Suzhou Power Supply Tower22built2008(1)
Seg E-World Huilding16built
Science Park Administrative Committee Buil...24built2011(1)
JIN JI Lake Grand Hotel25built
Park Geteway 226built2013(1)
Hui HU North Building23built2011
Moonbay International Center21built2011(1)
Genway Eastern Building 120built2011
Wuzhong Mall24built2010
Bank of Suzhou Building24built2012
Dechan Jiayuan Plaza24built2010
Comprehensive Free Trade Mansion23built2012(1)
China Merchants Building20built2010(1)
Aster Hotel30built1991
Harmony Times Square B18built2010(1)
Harmony Times Square A18built2010(1)
Sin Hom International Building24built
Zhiye Businese Plaza18built
Jianyou Mansion18built2001
Suzhou International Tower18built1999(1)
Genway Building22built(1)
Guojian Building22built(1)
Suzhou Renaissance Hotel23built
China Construction Bank18built
SIPAB Tower18built2011(1)
Tianxiang Garden 424built
Tianxiang Garden 324built
Tianxiang Garden 224built
Tianxiang Garden 124built
SIP Logistics Building20built(1)
Sin Hei International Plaza20built
Harmony Building18built(1)
Century Financial Tower18built(1)
Hui HU South Building17built2011
Jianyou Tower Northwest14built2001
Genway Financial Center B15built2012(1)
Genway Financial Center A15built2012(1)
New Century Hotel20built
Guangrong Building14built2012
Landmark Building15built2012(1)
China Post Building14built
Wuzhong People's Hospital24built
New City Garden Hotel Tower 115built