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Formerly known as Soochow or Suchow.

Suzhou is a city in eastern China, west-northwest of Shanghai. As the capital (sixth–fifth century B.C.) of an ancient feudal kingdom, the city was almost destroyed in the Taiping Rebellion (1853) against the Manchu dynasty but was rebuilt. It became a treaty port in 1896, was occupied by the Japanese during World War II, and fell to Chinese Communists in 1949. Suzhou is famous for its beautiful bridges and pagodas and for its silk industry, which dates back to the Song dynasty (960–1279).

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Harmony Building18built(1)
Century Financial Tower18built(1)
Communication Bank Building22proposed
Hui HU South Building17built2011
Jianyou Tower Northwest14built2001
Genway Financial Center B15built2012(1)
Genway Financial Center A15built2012(1)
New Century Hotel20built
Guangrong Building14built2012
Landmark Building15built2012(1)
China Post Building14built
Wuzhong People's Hospital24built
New City Garden Hotel Tower 115built
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