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Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, and also the biggest city in the country. The metro area has got more than 1,5 million inhabitants.
The oldest records of the existance of the city are from 1252, which makes the city more than 750 years old. The founder of Stockholm was Birger Jarl, and the foundation started on Stadsholmen (The City Island), today more known as the Old Town.

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Sandfjärdsgatan 12414built1960(1)
Sandfjärdsgatan 12014built1960(1)
Sandfjärdsgatan 1214built1960(1)
Sandfjärdsgatan 10914built1963(1)
Sandfjärdsgatan 10514built1963(1)
Sandfjärdsgatan 1014built1960(1)
Ljusstöparbacken 114built1961(1)
Sankt Eriks Torn 213built1999(1)
Sankt Eriks Torn 113built1999(1)
Sveaborg 913built1975(1)
Sveaborg 813built1975(1)
Sveaborg 713built1975(1)
Sveaborg 113built1975(1)
Sibeliusgången 20B13built1975(1)
Nybohovsbacken 3113built1962(1)
Grenljusbacken 24-2613built1961(1)
Clarion Hotel Sign10built2008
Tanto D-Huset13built1966
Östbergatorget 312built2006(1)
Nystad 912built1975(1)
Nystad 812built1975(1)
Nystad 712built1975(1)
Nystad 1112built1975(1)
Nystad 1012built1975(1)
Nystad 112built1975(1)
Blackebergs Servicehus12built1959
Scandic Hotel Continental12destroyed
Nybohovsbacken 9912built1962(1)
Nybohovsbacken 9712built1962(1)
Nybohovsbacken 6712built1962(1)
Nybohovsbacken 6512built1962(1)
Porkala 812built1978(1)
Porkala 712built1978(1)
Nordiska Muséet7built1907(1)
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