Singapore, ranked first for having the best quality of life in Asia, ranked eleventh in the world by The Economist, the Worlds 22nd wealthiest country (in terms of GDP per capita) Singapore is a wealthy City with a thriving economy.

Due to Aviation Risks, Singapore has three Tallest Buildings, all of the Same height (280.1 Meters), they are the Republic Plaza, OUB Centre and UOB Plaza One.

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Bukit Panjang Block 62630built2003
Bukit Panjang Block 62530built2003
Bukit Panjang Block 18530built
Bukit Panjang Block 18430built
Bukit Panjang Block 18330built
Bukit Panjang Block 18230built
Bukit Panjang Block 18130built
Bukit Batok Block 62230built
Bukit Batok Block 62130built
Bukit Batok Block 62030built
Bayshore Park IV30built1986
Bayshore Park III30built1986
The Madeira Block 329built2003
The Madeira Block 229built2003
The Madeira Block 129built2003
Rochelle at Newton27built2011
Golden Mile Tower24built1974
Singapore Marriott Hotel33built1982(1)
The Interlace24built2013
The Heeren25built1996
Farrer Park Mediplex19built2014
Tanjong Pagar Complex Block 221built
Kent Vale Block 324built2012
Kent Vale Block 224built2012
80 Robinson Road25built
Textile Centre24built1974
Commerce Point19built
OUE Bayfront18built2011(1)
Hotel Summit28built1971
Shenton Plaza21built1974
Shell House22built
Novelty Bizcentre15built
Fortune Centre20built
71 Robinson Road15built2009(1)
Concorde Hotel Singapore and Shopping Centre27built1985
J Gateway Tower B21built2017
Wing On Life Garden30built1982
Ocean Towers27built1992
The Octagon26built1982
Fook Hai Building21built1974
Great World City West Tower20built1997
Great World City East Tower20built1997
Asia Chambers18built
City House23built1983
Orchard Towers18built1975
Mapletree Anson18built2009(1)
Bedok Lighthouse26built
Liang Court Regency25built1984
Hotel New Otani25built1984
Robinson Centre20built
Robinson Centre20built
OUE Bayfront18built2011
Parkroyal on Pickering16built2013(1)
Marsh and McLennan Centre15built(1)
Bishan Block 28925built1996
Bishan Block 28825built1996(1)
Goldhill Plaza26built1973
City Centre Block 33425built
Chinatown Complex Block 335B25built1981
Chinatown Complex Block 335A25built1981
Bukit View25built
One Amber - Tower D23built2010
One Amber - Tower C23built2010
One Amber - Tower B23built2010
One Amber - Tower A23built2010
Tanjong Pagar Complex Block 125built1977
The Colonnade28built1986
Marine Parade Block 7925built1976
Marine Parade Block 7825built1976
Marine Parade Block 7725built1976
Marine Parade Block 7325built1976
Marine Parade Block 7225built1976
Marine Parade Block 7125built1976
Marine Parade Block 4425built1976
Marine Parade Block 4325built1976
Marine Parade Block 325built1976
Marine Parade Block 2925built1976
Marine Parade Block 2825built1976
Marine Parade Block 2725built1976
Marine Parade Block 225built1976
Marine Parade Block 1425built1976
Marine Parade Block 1325built1976
Marine Parade Block 1225built1976
Marine Parade Block 125built1976
Furama Hotel Singapore / Shopping Centre24built1984(1)
The Line @ Tanjong Rhu23built2015
Park Avenue Suites River Wing23built
Park Avenue Suites Park Wing23built
GB Building28built1985
GB Building28built1985
Shangri-La Hotel24built1970
Hilton International Singapore24built1970
Raffles Hospital15built
Robinson Point21built
Mandarin Gardens Block 424built1986
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