Singapore, ranked first for having the best quality of life in Asia, ranked eleventh in the world by The Economist, the Worlds 22nd wealthiest country (in terms of GDP per capita) Singapore is a wealthy City with a thriving economy.

Due to Aviation Risks, Singapore has three Tallest Buildings, all of the Same height (280.1 Meters), they are the Republic Plaza, OUB Centre and UOB Plaza One.

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Reflections at Keppel Bay Tower 2A24built2011(1)
Reflections at Keppel Bay Tower 1A24built2011(1)
Peace Centre35built1974
Great World Apartments34built1997
One Marina Boulevard32built2004(5)
Cityscape @ Farrer Park30built2015
Keppel Towers27built1992
Chinatown Point25built1990
Conrad International Hotel Singapore35built1996(1)
Wheelock Place21built1993
Twin Regency West36built2007
Twin Regency East36built2007
The Duke36built2007
The Duchess36built2006
The Boulevard Residence 236built2005
The Boulevard Residence 136built2005
Newton Suites36built2007
Shenton House24built1974
The Tiara35built
Great World Apartments35built1997
Bishan Loft Block 3335built2003
Bishan Loft Block 3135built2003
Martinplace Residences33built2011
Trilight Tower B30built2013
Trilight Tower A30built2013
Tree House25built2013
Connexis South22built2008
Connexis North22built2008
Wisma Atria22built1987
1 Moulmein Rise30built2003
The Plaza30built1979(1)
MAS Building30built1985(1)
People's Park Complex30built1973(1)
Amaryllis Ville Block 230built2003
Amaryllis Ville Block 130built2003
Shaw Centre25built1958
Singapore Power Building17built1977
People's Park Centre30built1973(1)
Mirage Tower33built1997
Evelyn Road Condominiums 233built2005
Evelyn Road Condominiums 133built2005
Tribeca by the Waterfront30built2010
Capital Square One16built1998
Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Beach Road20built2013(1)
National Library@SINGAPORE16built2005(1)
Cairnhill Plaza Block 5536built1976
Cairnhill Plaza Block 5336built1976
Apex Tower30built1973
HSBC Building21built(1)
The Jade32built2007
Leonie Studio32built2006
Bishan Point32built2005
Bayshore Park II32built1986
Bayshore Park I32built1986
Park Central@AMK Block D30built2011
Park Central@AMK Block C30built2011
Park Central@AMK Block B30built2011
Park Central@AMK Block A30built2011
Phoenix Tower23built1992
Bishan Block 29130built1996(1)
Bishan Block 29030built1996(1)
M Hotel Singapore29built1985
Helios Residences20built2011
The Corporate Office29built1985
Draycott Drive Condominium34built2000
OUB Building30built1974
Kent Vale Block 125built2012
Sherwood Towers30built
Regent Heights Block 330built1999
Regent Heights Block 230built1999
Regent Heights Block 130built1999
Queenstown Block 5130built2004
Queenstown Block 5030built2004
Queenstown Block 4930built2004
Newton GEMS South30built2003
Newton GEMS North30built2003
Kerrisdale Block 3630built2006
Kerrisdale Block 3230built2006
Kerrisdale Block 3030built2006
Guilin View Block 2830built1999
Guilin View Block 2630built1999
Guilin View Block 2430built1999
Guilin View Block 2230built1999
Guilin View Block 2030built1999
Costa del Sol Block 8230built2003
Costa del Sol Block 8030built2003
Costa del Sol Block 7830built2003
Costa del Sol Block 7630built2003
Costa del Sol Block 7230built2003
Costa del Sol Block 7030built2003
Costa del Sol Block 6830built2003
Bukit Panjang Block 63130built
Bukit Panjang Block 63030built2003
Bukit Panjang Block 62930built2003
Bukit Panjang Block 62730built2003
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