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Shenyang is the largest city in northeast China. It has 9 districts,3 counties,1 city and 5 development zones within its jurisdiction. Shenyang is a well-known important industrial center of China. Shenyang is also very active in foreign trade and has trade relationships with more than 100 countries and regions. In addition, Shenyang is the financial center of Northeast China.

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Pearl Of The North111under construction(2)
Longemont Asia Pacific Center Phase 298stale proposal
Shenyang International Finance Center89vision(1)
Rich Gate City Tower 196cancelled
Shenyang Eton Center Tower A297stale proposal(1)
Forum 66 Tower 276on hold(2)
Forum 66 Tower 168built2015(1)
Rich Gate City Tower 390stale proposal
Pioneer International Mansion88vision(1)
Rich Gate City Tower 280stale proposal
Hongfa Jinnuo Center [2]stale proposal
Hongfa Jinnuo Center [1]stale proposal
Shenyang Eton Center Tower A186stale proposal(1)
Shengjing Finance Plaza T268under construction(2)
Global Financial Centre Tower 280under construction
Huaqiang Golden Corridor City Plaza66under construction(1)
Moi City Tower 175built2014(1)
New World International Convention & Exhib...61on hold(1)
New World International Convention & Exhib...61on hold(1)
Northeast International Trade Center84cancelled(1)
Century Huafeng International Plaza Tower 168on hold(1)
Forum 66 Tower 3proposed(1)
Shengjing Finance Plaza T161under construction(3)
Convention Center Main Tower91cancelled
Convention Center Wing 281cancelled
Convention Center Wing 181cancelled
Shimao Wulihe City T2proposed
Shimao Wulihe City T1proposed
Forum 66 Tower 4proposed(1)
Shimao Wulihe City T3under construction(1)
Royal Wanxin International Tower57built2009(1)
Sunny World Center59built2014(2)
Shenyang Globe International Buildingcancelled
Forum 66 Tower 5proposed(1)
Longemont Asia Pacific Center 356on hold
Longemont Asia Pacific Center 456stale proposal
Longemont Asia Pacific Center 256built2012(1)
Longemont Asia Pacific Center 156built2012(1)
Shimao Wulihe City T4under construction(1)
Shenyang Eton Center Tower 770under construction(1)
Shenyang Eton Center Tower 670under construction(1)
Shimao Wulihe City T5under construction(1)
North Yoker Plaza Tower A45built2016(1)
Wanxiang Plaza Tower B51built2014(1)
Wanxiang Plaza Tower A51built2012(1)
Summer Palace Tower A48built2015
Shengjing Finance Plaza T341under construction(2)
Dongda International Center39on hold
New World International Convention & Exhib...57under construction
Shengjing Finance Plaza R960under construction(2)
Shengjing Finance Plaza R860under construction(2)
Shengjing Finance Plaza R760under construction(2)
Shengjing Finance Plaza R660under construction(2)
Shengjing Finance Plaza R560under construction(2)
Shengjing Finance Plaza R460under construction(2)
Shengjing Finance Plaza R260under construction(2)
Shengjing Finance Plaza R1260under construction(2)
Shengjing Finance Plaza R1160under construction(2)
Shengjing Finance Plaza R1060under construction(2)
Shengjing Finance Plaza R160under construction(2)
Shenyang Eton Center Tower 560built2015(1)
Shenyang Eton Center Tower 959under construction(1)
Hongyun Building Tower A44built2015
Zhengda Jinmao Mansion58built2010
Baoneng Financial Centre - Residential 556under construction(2)
Baoneng Financial Centre - Residential 456under construction(2)
Baoneng Financial Centre - Residential 356under construction(2)
Baoneng Financial Centre - Residential 256under construction(2)
Baoneng Financial Centre - Residential 156under construction(2)
Dongsen Headquarters Business Plaza55on hold
Polytec Plaza Tower [1]48proposed
Polytec Plaza Tower [2]45proposed
Kaisa Center49built2016
New World International Convention & Exhib...54built2014
Shengjing Finance Plaza R360under construction(1)
Huafeng City Point Tower B55on hold
Huafeng City Point Tower A55on hold
Northeast Electric Power Mansion43built1997(1)
Shenyang Culture Media Plaza43built
Summer Palace Tower B47built2014
New World International Convention & Exhib...42under construction
Towercrest International Plaza44built2003
Shenyang New Hengji Center44built2003(1)
Shenyang Eton Center Tower 453built2015
Shenyang Airport International Mansion60cancelled
Moi City Tower 256built2012
Friendship Store City Tower [1]built2015
Shenyang Eton Center Tower 1150built2015
Shenyang Eton Center Tower 1050under construction
Shenyang Fortune Center 246built2008
Shimao Wulihe City T6built2016(1)
Huangchao Wanxin Mansion Tower B39built2007
Huangchao Wanxin Mansion Tower A39built2007
Friendship Store City Tower [2]built2015
Shengshi Haolin Plaza55cancelled
Moi City Tower 343built2012
First International Plaza35built2009
Hongyun Building Tower B31built2015
Liaoning Colour TV Center33built1999(1)
Shenyang Industrial & Commercial Bank Buil...37built1997(1)
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