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Shenyang is the largest city in northeast China. It has 9 districts,3 counties,1 city and 5 development zones within its jurisdiction. Shenyang is a well-known important industrial center of China. Shenyang is also very active in foreign trade and has trade relationships with more than 100 countries and regions. In addition, Shenyang is the financial center of Northeast China.

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Shenyang Tiandibuilt2013
Yuning Building33built1997
Shenyang Marriott Hotel25built1999(1)
Sunwah Technology Building32built1992(1)
Liaoning Nonferrous Building33built2006
New World International Convention & Exhib...23built2014
Daxi Electric Apartment32built
Shenyang Newspapering Building25built(1)
President Mansion B22built(1)
President Mansion A22built(1)
Yunding Building A28built2004
Hongxin Building22built1996
Zhili Buildingbuilt2003
New World International Convention & Exhib...24built2015
Shenyang Fortune Center 125built2006
Management Center of Electric Network in N...24built1986
Shenyang State Taxation Building23built1999
Paliburg Building28built2006
Jiaxing International Building28built2006
Gold Square A28built2003
Chang Xin Landmark Square B24built2006
Chang Xin Landmark Square A24built2006
Sheraton Shenyang Lido Hotel28built2002
Huayang International Building28built2002
Shengjing Building B28built2006
Shengjing Building A28built2006
21st Century Building21built1999(1)
Chang Xin Landmark Square F31built2006
Chang Xin Landmark Square E31built2006
Chang Xin Landmark Square D31built2006
Chang Xin Landmark Square C31built2006
Sun Flower Garden #230built2005
Sun Flower Garden #130built2005
Shenyang Furama Hotel28built
Huibao International Building28built2006
Diamond Buildingproposed
Nianhua International Mansion Tower29built2006
Fangyuan Mansion23built2001(1)
Sanhao SOHO25built2007
Guangda Mansion26built2006
Chamber of Commerce Headquartersbuilt2009
Shenyang City Commercial Bank Building28built2006
Sino-Korea Center26built2003
Shenyang Cooperation Mansion25cancelled
ShengJing Bank Building14built1997
New Huangcheng Hotel26built
Gloria Plaza Hotel Shenyang23built1995(1)
Shenyang New Hongkong-Macao International ...24built2004
Northern International Building26built2006
Shenyang Courtyard New World Hotel22built
Huali Plaza26built2001
Sun Flower Garden Jinlang Square B29built2006
Sun Flower Garden Jinlang Square A29built2006
Wulihe Building B26built2004
Wulihe Building A26built2004
Shenyang Hilton Hotel28built(1)
Sheraton Shenyang South City Hotel25built
Zhongxing Shenyang Commerce Mansion18built1987
Liaoning Tobacco Monopoly Bureaubuilt2007
Riverside Garden Jindi B28built2005
Riverside Garden Jindi A28built2005
Huaxin International Jindi Tower B28built2001
Huaxin International Jindi Tower A28built2001
CCB Tower24built
Kinmen-Xiamen Plaza19built2001(1)
Shenyang Times Square Hotel25built2001
TOYOKO IT Hotel23built
Nongken Building23built
Fangdi Mansion A23built
Huaxin International Building22built1999
North Hill Building B26built2006
North Hill Building A22built2006
Shenyang Changan International Exhibition ...21cancelled
Haoyuan Building20built
Liaoning Industrial & Commercial Bank Nanj...22built
Guanxin Tower20built
Chang Xin Landmark Square G23built2006
Crowne Plaza Shenyang Parkview19built2010
Liaoning Science and Technology Museum16built1988
Liaoning Meteorological Bureau19destroyed
Transportation Mansionbuilt
Green Hotel16built1998
Liaozhan Hotel18destroyed
Shenyang TV Station Network Manage Center17built
Shenyang North Railway Station15built1986(1)
Railway Staff Apartment16built1976
International Science Communion Center16built
Heping Retum Triumphaut Door Building40proposed
Aidu International Mansion38proposed
Shenyang Electric Power Manage Center28built
Binhuliyuan Apartment28built
Shenyang Square Finance Building26built1997
Hotel Inter-Continental Shenyang26built
Dongyu Building26built
Shenyang Times Square Hotel23cancelled
Kingdom Hotel23built1998
Fangdi Mansion B23built
Shenyang Yonglun Hotel22built1999
Longhan Building22built
Golden Hotel22built1997
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