The capital and largest city of South Korea, in the northwest part of the country east of Inchon. Founded in the 14th century, it became the country's capital in 1948 and was twice occupied by Communist forces during the Korean War.

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Lotte Tower112cancelled(1)
Triple One112cancelled
International Business Center130cancelled(2)
Hankang City Tower120cancelled(1)
Millennium Tower 130130cancelled
Samsung Tower111cancelled
Dancing Dragon Tower 188cancelled
Dancing Dragon Tower 277cancelled
Diagonal Tower64cancelled
The Cloud60cancelled
American City Queendom Seoul Landmark Hotel74cancelled
Jamsil Acrovil66cancelled
Harmony Tower47cancelled
Seocho Fashion Center43cancelled
Taelin Crystal Palace57cancelled
Cross Towers52cancelled
Daewoo Tech Tower36cancelled(2)
Hanwha Building52cancelled
Galleria Forest Tower 245cancelled
Galleria Forest Tower 145cancelled
Dancing Towers III41cancelled
Dancing Towers II41cancelled
Dancing Towers I41cancelled
Guro Center Tower 351cancelled
Guro Center Tower 251cancelled
Guro Center Tower 151cancelled
Lotte Mapo Redevelopment48cancelled(1)
Ulji-ro Redevelopment (1) Office Tower34cancelled
Velo Towers35cancelled
Bangbae Condominiums 245cancelled
Bangbae Condominiums 145cancelled
Ulji-ro Redevelopment (1) Residential Tower35cancelled
Sogong 121 Building26cancelled
Keumyong Headquarters25cancelled
Dong Seo Securities Building25cancelled
Mapo Tower52cancelled