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The capital and largest city of South Korea, in the northwest part of the country east of Inchon. Founded in the 14th century, it became the country's capital in 1948 and was twice occupied by Communist forces during the Korean War.

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Listing 401 to 500 of 523 buildings
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Hyundai Prime Apartment 1030built1997
Hyundai Prime Apartment 130built1997
Gwangnaru Samsung 10230built2001
Daerim Hyundai 30730built1997
Daerim Hyundai 30630built1997
Daerim Hyundai 30530built1997
Daerim Hyundai 30430built1997
Daerim Hyundai 30330built1997
Daerim Hyundai 30130built1997
Daechi CentreVille 10730built2005
Daechi CentreVille 10530built2005
Daechi CentreVille 10230built2005
Daechi CentreVille 10130built2005
Hyundai Dream Tower21built2001
Wooduck Building18built1985(1)
Grand Hyatt Seoul20built1978(1)
Rich Tower18built2006(1)
Paradise Tel20built2003
Mok-dong Chereville Tower 324built2002
Joong Ang Daily News Building24built1985(1)
Andrze Tower20built2003(1)
Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Headquarters21built1988
Radisson Seoul Plaza Hotel21built1979
Korea Technology Development Center20built1999
Hana Securities Building20built1984(1)
Dong-woo Building18built1994(1)
Hyundai Superville, Tower B24built2003(1)
Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance20built2002(1)
Dobong-gu Total Office Building19built1998
Kyeongam Building18built1994(1)
Samsung Medical Center - Gangnam20built1996
Ganghwamun Building20built1992(1)
Shilla Seoul Hotel22built1979(1)
Yeoksam718 Tower20built1998(1)
Poong - Lim Building20built1985(1)
Korealife Seocho Center20built2008(1)
Koreana Hotel24built1971(1)
Keun Gil Tower21built1993
Seoul Shinmoon Press Center20built1985(1)
Hangangro Megatrium Tower 10428built2005
Hangangro Megatrium Tower 10328built2005
Changjeon Samsung 11121built1997
Changjeon Samsung 11021built1997
Changjeon Samsung 10921built1997
Changjeon Samsung 10821built1997
Changjeon Samsung 10721built1997
Changjeon Samsung 10621built1997
Changjeon Samsung 10521built1997
Changjeon Samsung 10421built1997
Changjeon Samsung 10321built1997
Changjeon Samsung 10221built1997
Changjeon Samsung 10121built1997
Grass Tower18built1989
Namgang Building20built1973(1)
CJ E&M Center18built2010
Millenium Seoul Hilton Hotel24built1983
Woo-Shin Building19built2001(1)
Jeonglim New Building16built1998
Hyundai Insurance Office Center17built2001
Hyatt Place Seoul21under construction(1)
I-Park Tower15built2004(1)
SK Stock Building20built1995(1)
Samsung Business Center20built1994(1)
Korea Economic Daily News Building21built1997
Seoul Supreme Court Building18built1996
Renaissance Seoul Hotel24built1988
The Westin Chosun Hotel20built1970
Sindonga Familie Commercial Tower20built2015(1)
Seoul Mobile Telecom Headquarters18built1999
Landmark Tower15built2007(1)
Haitai Building20built1995
Ahtae Building20built1995
Hyundai Superville, Tower A22built2003(1)
Parkview Tower22built1998
Gangnam Center Building18built1998(1)
Koreana Department Store22built1977
Bank Institution Building17built1996(1)
HSBC Building19built1992(1)
Ritz-Carlton Seoul18built1995
Migliore Myoung-dong18built2000
Se-Sin Building16built1994(1)
Seon Reung Gold Rose 222built2004
St. Mary's Hospital22built2009(1)
Hotel Grand Ambassador Seoul associated Pu...18built1955(1)
Canon Tower17built2006(1)
Sincheon Camperville20built2001
Courtyard Seoul Times Square16built2009
J.S Tower15built2006
KDS Venture Center15built1997(1)
Nuzzon Building15built2000
Twin Trees B17built2010
Twin Trees A17built2010
LG Dadong Building17built1984(1)
Seocho Offurance22built2003(1)
Best Western Premier Hotel Kukdo20built
Guemcheon District Office Hall12built2008
Graduate Dormitory & Housing for Foreigners18built2002
Bank of Korea Annex16built1988
Uljiro Co-Op Residence15built2004
Bongcheon Co-Op Residence15built2003
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