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The capital and largest city of South Korea, in the northwest part of the country east of Inchon. Founded in the 14th century, it became the country's capital in 1948 and was twice occupied by Communist forces during the Korean War.

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Samil Building31built1970(1)
Mapo Trapalace, Tower A31built2006
Dong Bang Jongno Building28built1992
N Tower27built2013
State Tower24built2011(1)
Mok-dong KT Plaza24built1998(1)
Amorepacific Office Building23proposed
Samsung City Center26built1976(1)
Hanwha Non-Life Insurance Center21built2001
Hanmi Phamaceutical Building27built1993(1)
Four Season Hotel26proposed
ING Tower25built1999(2)
Kukje Electronics26built1997
Yonsei Medical Center21built2004(1)
Korea Technology Center22built2002(2)
Lotte Building25built1978(1)
Capital Tower24built1998(1)
Mokdong Paragon Tower 10535built2004
Yongsan City Park Tower 20233built2007(1)
Grand InterContinental Seoul33built1988(1)
COEX Inter-Continental Seoul33built1988(1)
Mok-dong Twinville Tower II32built1996(1)
Mok-dong Twinville Tower I32built1996(1)
Yonsei Severance Building24built1993
Dong-hun Building21built2004(2)
Keukdong Construction Headquarters30built1999
Bo Gwang Building28built1992
Dong Bang Life Insurance Building26built1976
YTN Headquarters20built2003(1)
Pacific Tower20built1993
CamBridge Building20built2002
Dongyang Investment and Finance Building22built1999(1)
Dongah Media Center22built1999(1)
I.Space Tower 10434built2002
I.Space Tower 10334built2002
I.Space Tower 10234built2002
I.Space Tower 10134built2002
The Sharp Seocho, Tower C32built2006
The Sharp Seocho, Tower B32built2006
The Sharp Seocho, Tower A32built2006
LIG Tower19built2006(1)
Yongsan City Park Tower 20133built2007(1)
Geon Young Mixed Use30built1993
Buycksan125 Building26built1991
Kumho Lake View33built1999
Seoul IT Center26built1997
Golden Tower21built1995(1)
Mapo Trapalace, Tower B31built2006
Jangan-dong Chereville 10330built2002
Jangan-dong Chereville 10230built2002
Jangan-dong Chereville 10130built2002
Hyundai Tower, Songpa30built1996
Woosung Character 199 Officetel28built1997
Geumcheon IT Factory Tower [2]26under construction
Geumcheon IT Factory Tower [1]26under construction
GS Jongno Tower B24built2013
GS Jongno Tower A24built2013
Mokdong Paragon Tower 10633built2004
Mokdong Paragon Tower 10233built2004
Mokdong Paragon Tower 10133built2004
Hangangro Megatrium Tower 10233built2005
Hangangro Megatrium Tower 10133built2005
Doosan 101 Pine Avenue Tower 225built2011(1)
Doosan 101 Pine Avenue Tower 125built2011(1)
Migliore Dongdaemun20built1998(2)
President Hotel27built1974(1)
Korea Exchange Bank Building24built1981(1)
Bridge Stock Building20built1986(1)
Kyobo Building22built1983(2)
Mok-dong CBS Headquarters20built1992(1)
Daekyo Building25built1979
Kukdong Building22built1978(2)
Seoul Central Post Office Building21built2007
Tokyu Hotel25built1971
Omni Tower30built1997
Lotte Castle Pine Hill30built2003
Gwangjin Trapalace, Tower A29built2006
Daesang Acrovista, Tower A29built2004
Il-ock Building24built1997(1)
KAL Building16built(1)
Yuhan Tower21built1997
Dacom Building20built1997(1)
LG Shindorim Xii 10331built2004(1)
LG Shindorim Xii 10231built2004(1)
LG Shindorim Xii 10131built2004(1)
KTB Network Building21built1996(1)
PCA-Life Tower21built2007(1)
Sambu Renaissance Tower23built2001(1)
Seoul Surety Insurance Building19built1997(1)
Mizin Plaza22built1996(1)
Hankook Tire Headquarters19built1992(1)
Woosung Character 199 Ville II30built1997
Woosung Character 199 Ville I30built1997
Mulle-dong Megatrium 530built2004
Mulle-dong Megatrium 430built2004
Mulle-dong Megatrium 330built2004
Mulle-dong Megatrium 230built2004
Mulle-dong Megatrium 130built2004
Hyundai Prime Apartment 830built1997
Hyundai Prime Apartment 730built1997
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