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The capital and largest city of South Korea, in the northwest part of the country east of Inchon. Founded in the 14th century, it became the country's capital in 1948 and was twice occupied by Communist forces during the Korean War.

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Sangbong Duo Turris II41built2015(1)
Sangbong Duo Turris I41built2015(1)
Geumcheon Town Residences Tower II39proposed
Geumcheon Town Residences Tower I39proposed
Daewang Corporate Headquarters35on hold(1)
Yeouido Richensia Tower40built2004(1)
Dongbu Finance Building35built2001(3)
Accor Ambassador Yongsan Hotel39built2017(1)
Herrscher Residential Tower B41built2015(1)
Herrscher Residential Tower A41built2015(1)
Hawolgok Starclass Tower A41built2010(1)
Dong Yang Group Headquarters41built2003
Raemian Yongsan40built2017
Hawolgok Starclass Tower B40built2010(1)
Yongsan Prugio Summit Tower B39built2017
KCC Welltz Tower B39built2015
KCC Welltz Tower A39built2015
Jamsil Prugio Worldmark II39built2013
Jamsil Prugio Worldmark I39built2013
Namsan Trapalace Residential Tower37built2013
Wolgok New City Complex36built2011
Centreville Asterium Residential Tower 10235built2013(1)
Centreville Asterium Residential Tower 10135built2013(1)
Centreville Asterium Office Tower35built2013(1)
Samsung Distribution Tower34built2007(2)
Samsung Life Insurance Tower32built2007(2)
TwinCity Namsan Tower B30built2014
TwinCity Namsan Tower A30built2014
Jamsil Hyanggun Twin Tower 230built2014
Jamsil Hyanggun Twin Tower 130built2014
Namsan Trapalace Office Tower28built2013
Galleria Palace Tower C46built2003(1)
Galleria Palace Tower B46built2003(1)
Galleria Palace Tower A46built2005(1)
Lotte Castle Gold Tower [2]39built2006
Lotte Castle Gold Tower [1]39built2006(1)
SK Telecom Headquarters33built2003(2)
The K33under construction
Cheonho Daewoo Prugio City Tower35built2015
Yongsan Medical Tourism Hotel34proposed
LG Twin Towers34built1987(3)
Meritz Building29built2007(2)
Kumho Yongsan Eunjib Tower30proposed
Mapo Lotte Castle President 10240built2008
Mapo Lotte Castle President 10140built2008
Boramae Nasan Suite37built1993(1)
Brownstone Seoul 10236built2005(1)
Mokdong Hyperion II, Tower 20640built2006(1)
Mokdong Hyperion II, Tower 20240built2006(1)
Lotte Sky Tower37built1997(1)
Wangship-ri Shift Tower 125built2010
Boramae Fantasia Tower42built1998(1)
Glostar Center Tower 140built2010(2)
Hotel Lotte Downtown37built1979(1)
Shinhan River Tower37built1998
MMAA Building31built1999(1)
POSCO Center30built1998(2)
Tower 73028built2017
Mapo Obelisk, Tower I43built2004
Yongsan City Park Tower 10342built2007(1)
Illio House Tower IV33proposed
Illio House Tower III33proposed
Centreville Asterium Residential Tower 10325built2013(1)
Park Suites Seoul Tower B34built2005(2)
Park Suites Seoul Tower A34built2005(2)
Hanhwa Securities Building27built1995(2)
Daewoo Trumpworld Two Tower 236built2002(1)
Daewoo Trumpworld Two Tower 136built2002(1)
Good Morning Securities Building30built1995(1)
Mok-dong Chereville Tower 242built2003(1)
Mok-dong Chereville Tower 142built2003(1)
I-Park Tower 10239built2004(2)
Daewoo Trumpworld One41built2002(1)
Posteel Tower28built2003(2)
Jongro Tower24built1999(2)
Lotte Castle Venice 10533built2008(1)
Lotte Castle Venice 10433built2008(1)
Lotte Castle Venice 10333built2008(1)
Lotte Castle Venice 10233built2008(1)
Lotte Castle Venice 10133built2008(1)
Hyundai Superville, Tower C37built2003(1)
Seocho Garak Tower East24built2010(2)
Yongsan City Park Tower 10241built2007(1)
Mokdong Hyperion II, Tower 20440built2008
Yongsan City Park Tower 10139built2007
Hangang Mapo Prugio 10237built2014
Hangang Mapo Prugio 10137built2014
Mokdong Hyperion II, Tower 20136built2006(1)
Kumho Richensia Yongsan Tower C26built2010(1)
Kumho Richensia Yongsan Tower B26built2010(1)
Kumho Richensia Yongsan Tower A26built2010(1)
Daewoo Worldmark Apartments B37built2007(1)
Daewoo Worldmark Apartments A37built2007(1)
Hyundai Parkville36built1999
Korea HP Plaza25built1998(2)
Ferrum Tower28built2010(1)
Yeoksam Xii Apartments III32built2015
Yeoksam Xii Apartments II32built2015
Yeoksam Xii Apartments I32built2015
Lotte Castle Acid 10232built2011
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