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The capital and largest city of South Korea, in the northwest part of the country east of Inchon. Founded in the 14th century, it became the country's capital in 1948 and was twice occupied by Communist forces during the Korean War.

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Lotte World Tower123under construction(1)
Parc 1 - Tower A68on hold(1)
Three International Finance Center55built2012(3)
Parc 1 - Tower B59on hold
Tower Palace 3 Tower G69built2003(2)
Mok-dong Hyperion Towers69built2003(2)
American City Queendom Seoul Landmark Hotel74proposed
Seocho Lotte Town60proposed
DLI 63 Building60built1985(7)
The Federation of Korean Industries Building50built2013(2)
Tower Palace 1 Tower B66built2002(4)
Yeouido Prugio Tower67proposed
Trade Tower55built1988(4)
Harmony Tower47proposed
Tower Palace 1 Tower C59built2002(4)
Tower Palace 1 Tower A59built2002(4)
Seoul Forest E-Convenient World Tower 251on hold(1)
Seoul Forest E-Convenient World Tower 151on hold(1)
Cheongryangri Station Redevelopment Projec...59proposed
Cheongryangri Station Redevelopment Projec...59proposed
Star Tower45built2000(5)
Samsung Raemian Gangdong Palace Office Tower45under construction
Ichon Rex56under construction
Seoul Trimage Tower II47proposed
Seoul Trimage Tower I47proposed
Samsung Electronics Headquarters44built2008(3)
The Sharp Star City, Tower A58built2006(1)
Gundae Posco The Star City Tower A58built2008(1)
Conrad Seoul38built2012(4)
Tower Palace 2 Tower F55built2004(1)
Tower Palace 2 Tower E55built2004(1)
Shindorim Daeseong D-Cube City Daeseong Gr...43built2011(2)
Techno Mart 2139built1998(1)
One International Finance Center32built2011(2)
Sangbong Premier's Emco Tower 147built2014
Shindorim Daeseong D-Cube City Tower 251built2011(1)
Shindorim Daeseong D-Cube City Tower 151built2011(1)
Parnas Tower38under construction
Mokdong Trapalace Tower A49built2009(1)
Mokdong Trapalace Tower C48built2009(1)
Shindorim Techno Mart40built2008(2)
Seoul Trimage Tower IV36proposed
Seoul Trimage Tower III36proposed
Seogyo Xi West Valley Residential Tower 239built2011(2)
Seogyo Xi West Valley Residential Tower 139built2011(2)
Seogyo Xi West Valley Office Tower34built2012(1)
Gundae Posco The Star City Tower B50built2008(1)
ASEM Tower42built1999(2)
Two International Finance Center29built2012(2)
Cheongryangri Station Redevelopment Projec...47proposed
Samsung Raemian Gangdong Palace Residentia...45under construction
Samsung Raemian Gangdong Palace Residentia...45under construction
Samsung Raemian Gangdong Palace Residentia...45under construction
Boramae Chereville49built2002(3)
LG Gangnam Tower38built1998(2)
The Sharp Star City, Tower C50built2006(1)
Kookmin Bank Headquarters39on hold
Cheongryangri Station Redevelopment Projec...45proposed
Dancing Towers III41proposed
Dancing Towers II41proposed
Dancing Towers I41proposed
Galleria Foret Tower 245built2011(2)
Galleria Foret Tower 145built2011(2)
Hyundai 41 Tower41built2001(1)
Academy Suite51built2004(1)
SBS Broadcasting Centre24built2003(2)
Tower Palace 1 Tower D42built2002(2)
Daelim Acrovill 146built1999(2)
Daelim Acrovill 2built1999(2)
Mokdong Trapalace Tower B42built2009
Hyundai Superville, Tower D46built2003(1)
Illio House Tower II40proposed
Illio House Tower I40proposed
SK Building38built2000(2)
Seoul Forest the by POSCO Tower III42built2014
Seoul Forest the by POSCO Tower II42built2014
Seoul Forest the by POSCO Tower I42built2014
Mokdong Trapalace Tower D41built2009
Sangbong Premier's Emco Tower 343built2014(1)
Sangbong Premier's Emco Tower 243built2014(1)
I-Park Tower 10346built2004(2)
Picity Tower 335proposed(1)
Picity Tower 235proposed(1)
Picity Tower 135proposed(1)
Doosan Tower34built1999(2)
I-Park Tower 10145built2004(2)
The Sharp Star City, Tower D45built2006(1)
Seocho Chereville, Tower II42built2004
Seocho Chereville, Tower I42built2004
Brownstone Seoul 10139built2005(1)
Yongsan Prugio Summit Tower A38under construction
Sangbong - Sante Le Ciel West Tower41built2009(1)
Sangbong - Sante Le Ciel East Tower41built2009(1)
Daewang Corporate Headquarters35on hold(1)
Yeouido Richensia Tower40built2004(1)
Dongbu Finance Building35built2001(3)
Sindonga Familie Residential Tower B41under construction
Sindonga Familie Residential Tower A41under construction
Hawolgok Starclass Tower A41built2010(1)
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