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Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is mega-city and the capital of Sao Paulo state. The city proper is the largest in the Western and Southern Hemispheres, and one of the largest in the world. Depending on how its metropolitan area, it is either the fifth or second largest metropolitan area in the world. Because of its large size, the city is divided into 31 boroughs, each with its own mayor.

The city is located on a plateau near the Serra do Mar, with no large rivers or large natural lake. Just 70 km from the Atlantic Ocean, it's located in the subtropics with a humid climate.

São? Paulo is one of the largest and most important finacial centers in Latin America, though it contains a large manufacturing sector.

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Listing 501 to 600 of 629 buildings
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Edifício Maison Blanche22built
WT Nações Unidas16built2010(1)
Edificio Ermelino Matarazzo14built(1)
Torre Eudoro Vilela15built2002(1)
Lindenberg Higienópolis19built2008
Lindenberg Cosmopolitan Jardins19built
Edifício Duetto Jardins18under construction
Três Marias19built1952(1)
Edifício Atrium V18built1999(1)
Maison Sophie20built2003
Jardin des Tulieries22built2003
Hotel Comodoro18built
Edifício Saint Paul de Vence18built
Sede Banco Real ABN AMRO16built(2)
Office Tower Itaim16built1999(1)
Centro Empresarial do Aço15built(1)
Atrium 414built1998(1)
Rede Gospel de Televisão13built1969(1)
Morumbi Office Tower17built1992(1)
Bandeira Tower17built2003(2)
Anhembi Holiday Inn16built(1)
Edifício Santa Rosa14built1970(2)
Edifício Attílio Tinelli10built2000(1)
Bradesco Prime14built(1)
Regente Feijó B19built
Edifício Villa dei Fiori17built2008
Loft Office São Paulo I16built2002(1)
Fundação Cásper Líbero14built1950(2)
Edifício Atria20built2008
Kyoei Paulista18built1973(1)
Birmann 3115built2003(2)
Birmann 2915built1999
Torre de Concreto C13built1985(1)
Torre de Concreto B13built1985(1)
Torre de Concreto A13built1985(1)
Centro Cultural Itaú11built1995(2)
Yuny III16proposed
Solomon Temple7built2014(1)
Berrini 55015built1997(1)
Birmann 2013built1994(1)
Center Plaza Pinheiros12built1995(1)
FUNCEF Center17built1987(1)
Conjunto Comercial Paraíso16built1972(1)
Brascan Century Corporate16built2002(1)
Edifício Atrium III13built1996(1)
Birmann 912built1990(1)
Torre de Pizza14built1969
HSBC Tower - L'Arche16built1994(1)
International Plaza14built2003
Prize Hall Office Center14built2004(1)
Les Ateliers13built1997(1)
Account Justice of São Paulo City28built1995(1)
Prédio Alexandre Mackenzie8built1929(1)
Edifício Dome15built2006(1)
Edifício Brise15built2007
Maternidade de São Paulo14destroyed(1)
Edifício Atrium II14built1995(1)
ACL14under construction
Torre Luíz Simões Lopes13built1990(1)
Torre Jorge Flores13built1974(1)
JK Tower12built1999(1)
Vila Nova Building11built2002(1)
Ibis Paulista13built2003
Hoechst Headquarters11built(1)
Edifício Comercial Exclusive12built(1)
Edifício Dumont Adams10fantasy(5)
José Martins Borges16built1983(1)
First Class Offices15built2001(1)
Edificio Vital Brasil30built1988
Edifício Barros Loureiro13built1975(1)
Teatro Municipal de São Paulo5built1911(1)
Edifício Usina Elevatória de Traição5built1938(1)
Majestic Offices12built2000(1)
Birmann 108built1992(1)
Saint Mary Office Center15built2004(1)
Hamurabi Center14built1998(1)
Dom Pedro I de Alcântara13built1954(1)
Residencial Atol Das Rocas12built1994
Paulista Park12built2002(1)
Fellici Anorizze Empresarial12built2002(1)
Hyde Park11built1970
Faria Lima Square11built2006(1)
Faria Lima Business Center11built1997
Cal Center I10built1976
RochaVerá Plaza Torre D9built2010(1)
Birmann 88built1990(1)
Torre de Vidro11built1995(1)
CENESP F9built1988(1)
CENESP E9built1984(1)
CENESP D9built1977(1)
CENESP C9built1977(1)
CENESP B9built1977(1)
CENESP A9built1977(1)
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