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Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is mega-city and the capital of Sao Paulo state. The city proper is the largest in the Western and Southern Hemispheres, and one of the largest in the world. Depending on how its metropolitan area, it is either the fifth or second largest metropolitan area in the world. Because of its large size, the city is divided into 31 boroughs, each with its own mayor.

The city is located on a plateau near the Serra do Mar, with no large rivers or large natural lake. Just 70 km from the Atlantic Ocean, it's located in the subtropics with a humid climate.

São? Paulo is one of the largest and most important finacial centers in Latin America, though it contains a large manufacturing sector.

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Walk Vila Nova30built2008
Barão do Amparo21built1973
Edifício Sede IBM20built1977
Mansao Ravello27built2004
The Square26built2009
Solar dos Canelhas26built
Reserve Du Parc26built2004
Torre Pacífico25built2008
Torre Atlântico25built2008
Cetenco Plaza Torre Sul25built1981(1)
Cetenco Plaza Torre Norte25built1981(1)
Edifício Wilton Paes de Almeida24destroyed
Torre Paulista23built
Edifício Lumière22built2007
Grand Hyatt São Paulo26built2002
Pedro Biagi23built1973
Edifício Parque Iguatemi22built1975
Viva Torre B28built2009
Viva Torre A28built2009
Mansão Francisca Júlia28built2007
Lumina Noblesse Torre C28built2005
Lumina Noblesse Torre B28built2005
Lumina Noblesse Torre A28built2004
Brasil Pitoresco B28built
West Side26built2006
East Side26built2006
The Empire State Faria Lima Hotel & Conven...25built2002
Brascan Century Offices25built2002
Exclusive Perdizes23built2008
Edifício Joelma23built1972
Icon Faria Lima21built2007
Domani Pinheiros27built2003
Viva Torre D27built2009
Viva Torre C27built2009
Villa Natura Bloco D27built2005
Villa Natura Bloco C27built2005
Villa Natura Bloco B27built2005
Villa Natura Bloco A27built2005
Torre São Paulo27built
Ouro Verde27built
Bios Santana27built2007
Victoria Park22built
Conjunto Yervant Kissajikian33built1981
Tivoli Sao Paulo Mofarrej23built
Maksoud Plaza23built
Edifício Véranda23built2007
Edifício Marrion23built2008
Edifício Espace23built2006
Continental Sq. Faria Lima - Flat Caesar B...22built2004
Edificio Comendador Alberto Bonfiglioli20built2001
NYC Berrini26built2009(1)
Espaço Terral26built2007
Espaço Mistral26built2007
Espaço Brisa26built2007
Transamerica Flat Higienópolis25built
Piazza della Fontana25built
Marrion Luxury Edition25built2008
Mansão Charlie Parker25built
Estacionamento Shopping 25 de Março25built
Delta Plaza22built1992
Palácio Mauá21built1952
Azevedo e Villares21built1943(1)
Condominio Golden Tower 428built1995
Condominio Golden Tower 328built1995
Condominio Golden Tower 228built1995
Condominio Golden Tower 128built1995
Quality Hotel & Suites Congonhas Airport25built2003
Edifício Grande Avenida22built1966
Banco Central do Brasil22built1980
Palacio do Comercio21built
Terra Brasilis20built1997
Bolsa de Imóveis de São Paulo20built1996
Edifício Atrium VI19built2004
Edifício Sede Sudameris17built1986
Transamerica Internationalbuilt2002
Parque Cultural Paulista21built1990
Portis Thamyris27built2001
Palazzo Panamby27built2004
Double View27built2006
Doppio Spazio27built2005
Jazz Duet26built2008
Torre Cantareira26built
Scott Joplin26built
Mundo Apto Santana26built2007
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