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Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is mega-city and the capital of Sao Paulo state. The city proper is the largest in the Western and Southern Hemispheres, and one of the largest in the world. Depending on how its metropolitan area, it is either the fifth or second largest metropolitan area in the world. Because of its large size, the city is divided into 31 boroughs, each with its own mayor.

The city is located on a plateau near the Serra do Mar, with no large rivers or large natural lake. Just 70 km from the Atlantic Ocean, it's located in the subtropics with a humid climate.

São? Paulo is one of the largest and most important finacial centers in Latin America, though it contains a large manufacturing sector.

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Renaissance São Paulo Hotel26built1994(2)
Contemporary Tower26built2000(2)
Blue Tree Towers Paulista26built2000(2)
Edificio Mansao Real32built1986
Edificio Shigekiyo31built1989
Edificio Novo Hamburgo31built1992
Edificio Camagüey29built1995
Edificio Paiol28built1988
Brascan Century Staybridge Suites33built2002(1)
Reserva Verde30built2011
International Plaza II28built2009
Edificio Inácio Monteiro31built1983
Edificio Generali31built1950
Edificio Irineu Máier30built1973
Edificio Guacuri30built1983
Edificio Belenzinho30built1987
Edificio Avestruz29built1987
Conjunto Gonzaga 529built1985
Conjunto Gonzaga 429built1985
Conjunto Gonzaga 329built1985
Conjunto Gonzaga 229built1985
Conjunto Gonzaga 129built1985
Edificio Granja Julieta28built1986
International Trade Center 125built2000
Edificio Furmas30built1987
Edificio Carajás30built1983
Edificio Tiradentes29built1983
Edificio Pallazo dei Fiori29built2000
Edificio Aracy29built1998
Edificio Mascarenhas28built1991
Theobaldo De Nigris - Senai25built(1)
Barão De Itatiaia Galeria 200124built1977(1)
Edificio Maia 129built1976
Edifício Conde de Sarzedas26built2006(4)
Lindenberg Iguatemi28built2009
Banco do Brasil25built(1)
Edificio Marco Polo32built1985
Edificio Speers31built1988
Edificio Cidade de Colónia31built1988
Edificio Popovici30built1994
Edificio Maia 230built1983
Edificio Chaim Herzsprung30built1997
Edificio's Olga 1-329built1988
Edificio Fazenda Nova29built1978
Edificio's Aracati 1 & 228built1988
Edificio Aracati28built1989
Edificio Jacaranda27built1988
Edificio Crispim30built1979
Sao Paulo Fashion Hall25built2003
Edificio General Osório29built1980
Edificio Barnabé Corréa28built1979
Sede I & II CESP26built2010(1)
Plaza Iguatemi Business Center21built2002(3)
E.Office Berrini28built2012(1)
Boulevard Sul20built2005
Edificio São Luis Gonzaga24built2000(2)
Edificio Imbé 129built1986
Edificio Hellada29built1984
Blue Tree Towers Morumbi29built2001(1)
Edificio Maximilian Groskopf28built1989
Edifício Dacon27built1978(1)
Ed. Bertioga27built1978
Torre Paineira31built2009
Torre Figueira31built2009
Acqualife Torre B31built2009
Acqualife Torre A31built2009
Paulista Home Resort Torre C30built2010
Paulista Home Resort Torre B30built2010
Paulista Home Resort Torre A30built2010
Alameda das Flores30built2008
Tribunal Regional do Trabalho da 2ª Região26built(1)
Angélica Trade Center26built1999
Torre Rosewood25under construction(1)
Torre 200025built2002(1)
Top Towers B25built2006(1)
Edifício Faria Lima25built1986(1)
Conjunto Nacional25built1958(1)
Conde Andrea Matarazzo25built1975(1)
CENU IV25built2011(2)
Palácio Clóvis Ribeiro23built1950(1)
International Trade Center 222built2000
Fundação Getúlio Vargas17cancelled(1)
Edifício New Century20built2002(1)
Edifício Luiz Eulálio Bueno Vidigal Filho20built1979(2)
Comfort Jardim Europa30built2001
Othon Palace28built1954(1)
Golden Tulip Paulista Plaza Hotel28built1999(1)
São Vito & Mercúrio27destroyed(2)
Britannia Bay30built2005
Caesar Business Hotel Paulista26built2003
San Marino24built
Edificio Garagem @ Rua da Cantareira32built(1)
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