Santo Domingo

Capital and the largest city of the Dominican Republic.
Population of Metro area & Gran Santo Domingo 2'812,129 (Districto Nacional+Provincia Santo Domingo+Municipio Bajos de Haina)

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Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Santo Domingo38under construction
Torre Anacaona 2741built2017(1)
Les Terraces41proposed
Torre Caney39built2009(2)
Anacaona City Center39proposed
Torre Mar Azul37built2014(1)
Torre Silver Sun Gallery30built2014(1)
Torre Punta Sur33proposed(1)
Park Towers26under construction(1)
Malecon Center31built2003(4)
Torre Regatta Altos del Parque32under construction(1)
Torre Citibank22built2002(2)
Fifth Tower28under construction
Torres Ayres25proposed
Torre Azul27built2008(2)
Blue Mall & JW Marriot Hotel22built2015(1)
Torre Uno28under construction
Torre Da Silva 423built2010(2)
Hilton Santo Domingo26built2003(2)
Torre Les Elysees22built(1)
Santo Domingo Intercontinental Hotel & Res...24built2016(1)
Akkar Residence25proposed
Veiramar 222built2007(2)
Torre Carib23built2003(1)
Torre del Sol23built1993(2)
Torre del Conservatorio24built2003(3)
ALCO Paradisso22built2005(2)
Torre Pedro Henriquez Ureña23built2004(1)
Logroval XV19built(1)
Torre del Parque23built2002
Vistamar Tower23on hold(1)
Torre Atiemar21built2008(2)
Hilton Santo Domingo21built2004
Torre Ibiza22built2007(1)
Torre Hispania22built2008(1)
Soleil Grand23built
Torre Farallon 82017built2014
Roble Corporate Center13under construction
Torre Libertador19built1999(1)
Palma Real23built(2)
Caribbean Oceanfront 5-Star Hotel And Casino18built2007
Ocean Tower18built2007
Torre Washington21built2006(1)
Torre Romanza20built
Torre Bolivar 100520built1994
Torre Naragua II19built1998(1)
El Huacal14built1973
Attico By Regatta18proposed
Torre Piatini18built2001(1)
Torre Luz17built2004
Torre Alexandra18built2007
Torre Naco 200016built
Torre Empresarial Forum17built
Torre Dorada17built2005(1)
Torre Ensanche Piantini16built2008
Terrazas del Mediterráneo18built2005
Torre Santa María16built2004(1)
Diandy 1716built1994
Torre La Citadelle15built2004
Torre Boticelli15built2003
Torre Boreo15built2004
Don Carlos 1115built2001(1)
Torre Naragua III17built
Torre Friusa16built2007
Torre Empresarial Diandy XIX15built
Palmera VIII15built2007
Galerías del Parque18built1989
Yoo Santo Domingo14under construction
Torre Monticello17built2003
Hotel Intercontinental V Centenario15built
Torre Juan Antonio XIV16built2007
Torre Santa Maria II15built
Torre Naragua 315built1999
Torre Empresarial AIRD12built2000(1)
Diandy IXX15built
Banco Central13built1976(1)
Torre Onix 1816built2014
Veiramar 115built2006
Torre Villa Palmera VIII15built2007
Torre Villa Palmera VII15built2007
Torre Da Silva 315built2007
Torre Tellium II14built2007
Torre Tramontana15built1999
Torre Naragua14built1995
Logroval 1214built2002
Torre Romance II15built2007
Residencial Piantini14built2006
Apartamento Piantini14built2007
Torre San Geronimo15built
Torre Imperial House15built
Torre Hildre Maria14built2007
Imperial House13built2003
Torre Tellium13built2007
Torre la Fontana15built1998
Torre Attias14built2003
Condominio Metropolitano San Juan14built1979
Torre Mirella13built2001
Torre BHD11built1985
Torre Gian-Susan15built1997(1)
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